7 Things You Shouldn't Have To Ask Yourself If You Really Trust Your BFFs

When it comes to your best friendships, trust and loyalty are crucial to keeping your bonds strong. They're the two main qualities that basically determine if someone is, in fact, best friend material. Once a so-called "best friend" breaks your trust, it's a pretty difficult thing to rebuild. If you know you can rely on your girls with your life, there are just a few things you shouldn't ask yourself to reaffirm if you do.

The relieving part about having a solid group of BFFs is that you don't question their devotion. Best friends are meant to make your life easier and more enjoyable; they shouldn't be causing you any unnecessary stress or drama on the regular. Your besties are your confidants, partners in crime, and sometimes your protectors. There's no way that can be acquired without a foundation of trust. Your girls should have your back, no matter what.

Second guessing your friendships should never happen when you know these girls have your best interests at hand. They're the all-stars of your life. Just think about it — you already have to question and be weary of people you meet every day in this big world. You definitely don't want to carry that suspicion or doubt in your close circles. So, if your BFFs are truly meant to stick in your life for the long haul, you shouldn't have to ask yourself any of these seven questions.

Would They Ever Talk Behind Your Back?

Talking behind someone's back is the immature stuff that should have been left behind in high school, but unfortunately, it still happens when you're adulting in the real world. People will try to start drama and talk behind your back, but you should never have to question whether your BFFs are. Anything they need to say or address about you should be said to your face, and no one else's.

Can You Trust Them With A Juicy Secret?

We all have secrets, but it's the worst when you confide in someone and they end up spilling the beans to other people. Your BFFs should never repeat any secrets you share with them, and it's as simple as that. Keeping secrets is one of the most admirable qualities of a best friend.

Would They Cover For You If You Needed An Alibi?

Did you totally ditch plans and tell someone you were somewhere else? It happens, and your BFFs should be more than willing to cover for you. They know your "excuse" almost better than you do, and are on standby to plead your case. Yeah, you'll share that little white lie together, but "sharing" is the key word.

Would They Help You Snoop If You Really Needed To?

Remember, your best friends should be ready to fill in as your accomplices at the drop of a dime. Do you need to do some snooping to get intel on a new crush? Well, you shouldn't have to wonder if your BFFs will help you out. They should already be on all of the necessary social media handles to get you the info you need.

Would They Tell You The Truth, Even If It Isn't Good?

The truth isn't always comforting. It can be blunt, but it's what we need to hear. Out of everyone, your best friends should always deliver the truth to you. It really shows their true colors, because if you can't trust them to tell the truth, you can't trust them with much of anything.

Would They Have Your Back No Matter What?

Nobody has time for temporary or seasonal best friends. Whether you're going through the happiest or crummiest parts of life, you should never ask if your best friend will be there. They ride the roller coaster of life with you, and they expect the same in return.

Would They Judge Your Honest Opinions?

The whole world judges. The best thing you can do is keep those select few people close who allow you to be your genuine self without any judgement. If you have to ask yourself if they are judging you, then you need to take a second look at who you really consider the true friends in your life.