7 Extra AF Gift Ideas For The Bougie Friend In Your Girl Crew

Where would life be without that super extra bougie friend? No matter how dramatic their wants and needs are, we are so here for them and their entertaining nature. If you're the bougie friend, you know this all to well. If you're considering things to get your bougie friend this holiday season, usually the first over the top thing you can think of, is the best route.

Bougie friends may be completely different from who we are, but we learn a lot about taste from them. They simply like what they like, and we wouldn't dare play devil's advocate with them and oppose their lifestyle. Every group has that token bougie friend for some reason. And ironically, their presence and personality are usually priceless. We wouldn't trade them for the world, and are quite honestly jealous AF of all of their chic coats and accessories.

Need a Black Friday buddy or someone to tell you the best time to get those good deals on normally pricey items? They are your go-to person, and you honestly couldn't see them being any other way than bougie. Unlike your other friends, your bougie Betty won't be satisfied with just anything, and they will call you out on it. We sort of cherish that blunt honesty. They're expecting you to know their bougie nature like the back of your hand by now. So, to save yourself the long lecture about taste and trends, consider giving your bougie friend any one of these gifts.

A Gold Satin Robe

Women's Satin Silk Long Robe, $63, Etsy

Robes are so heavenly, especially when you're getting nice and cozy after a shower. Your bougie friend knows the world of robes, because pampering and "me time" is a part of their daily routine. This robe has such a Cleopatra feel, that your friend will feel even more royal than she already does.

A Vintage Perfume Spray Bottle

Yueton Vintage Crystal Style Refillable Perfume Atomizer Spray Bottle, $9, Amazon

This vintage spray bottle is so classy and Instagram-worthy. Your bestie can fill it up with any one of her favorite perfumes. Seriously, this bottle looks like something out of those black and white classic movies.

Hand-Painted "Bad And Bougie" Earrings

Bad & Bougie Earrings, $20, Etsy

Your bougie friend likely explains how bougie she is all of the time. It's just her way of life, and she doesn't plan on changing anytime soon. These earrings are just your way of giving other people a heads up. Besides, they're super cute.

A High Heel Wine Bottle Stopper

High Heel With Rhinestones Wine Bottle Stopper, $10, Amazon

Accessorizing is your friend's middle name. Even down to something so simple as a wine bottle, she is all about what can make it stand out and be cuter. A high heel wine stopper is the perfect accent for her classy sipping.

A Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Style Glamour Vanity Mirror, $134.10+, Etsy

Vanity mirrors are so glamorous and seriously make everything shine like it's no one's business. You might think it's just an ordinary mirror, but until you've sat in front of one, done your makeup, or have gotten ready in general, you don't understand how great they are. Vanity mirrors for the win.

A Crystal-Studded Baseball Cap

Crystal Case Fully Studded Rhinestone Adjustable Cotton Baseball Cap, $14, Walmart

Maybe your bougie friend wouldn't be caught dead in a baseball cap. Now, you might actually be able to get them to wear one. Why does sparkle really make everything better? This studded cap is so glam, she'll love rocking it with her faux fur jacket.

A Tap Water Filter System

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System, $21, Target

Your bougie friend may very well sniff out tap water from a mile away and is usually headed in the other direction. And as much as you don't want to buy into their overly analytical stance on water, they'll incredibly appreciate a device that filters that "yucky" tap water they repel. This gift will prove that you've been paying attention to their likes and dislikes.

At the end of the day, we absolutely adore our bougie friends and their outlook on life. Yeah, they'e probably peeping the price tag on most things, but the friendship you two share will always be priceless.