7 Fun Things To Do With Your Work Wife Instead Of Happy Hour

Oh no, you've found yourself at happy hour once again. The go-to after work hang has essentially become that pop song you hear on the radio all the time. At first, it was super fun to dance to, and you couldn't wait to hear it again. But now, you're so over it. It's become too monotonous, and you're looking for the next big thing. You and your bestie at work — AKA your work wife — are looking to change things up after office hours, and luckily there are tons of things to do with your work wife instead of happy hour.

You're probably sick and tired of seeing other people from work at your solo friend hang anyway, so think outside the happy hour menu. Instead, you could do something active since you've been sitting at a desk all day anyway. Or, you could go somewhere to relax, because you had back-to-back meetings, and definitely deserve to treat yourselves. Either way, when you feel like you're stuck in a rut of going to the same place after work, here are seven things you and your work wife can do instead that'll finally put the happy back in happy hour.

Bowl A Few Rounds For A Striking Night

Going bowling is always a fun alternative to happy hour. You and your work wife could still do the beer and wings you love, but this time you're also getting active by bowling a few rounds.

I'm obsessed with places like Splitsville, which is more than just a bowling alley. It's also a restaurant with crazy good food on the menu. You'll be bowled over with how much fun it is.

Pamper Yourselves With Some Handy Manicures

I feel like I always need a manicure, even after I've just gotten one. That's why I'll never turn down a chance to hang with my bestie, and get pampered. There's probably a nail salon close to work that you and your work wife can pop into after you clock out.

While getting your nails done, you'll be able to catch up on all that hot office goss that went down during the day.

Wind Down For The Night With Some Relaxing Yoga

Going to the gym together is a great alternative to going out to a bar after work. You just spent an entire day sitting in meetings or at your desk, so you need to get up and move around. Yoga is a great activity where you'll get to just stretch and relax at the end a long day.

Use Your Brains, And Team Up For Some Bar Trivia

My friends and I love bar trivia after work. It's low stakes, but still fun to get in the competitive spirit. Plus, you and your work wife can combine your random pop culture knowledge to try and win a free round of drinks.

Sometimes, you'll find themed trivia nights, too. My friends and I love going to Disney trivia, and I've got to say, we really slay the competition away.

Have A Laugh At A Comedy Show

After work, I'm just looking to unwind anyway I can, which is why I love going to a comedy show. Sometimes, laughing is a better destresser than getting a massage. So, whether it's stand-up or improv comedy, I know I'll always come out feeling better after seeing a show.

Have Dinner And A Movie At A Dine-In Theater

Going to dinner is a great choice for an after work hang with your bestie, but so is a movie. Combine the two together, and you have the ultimate activity that totally blows happy hour out of the water.

Don't just go with a regular theater and boring popcorn, either. Instead, go to a dine-in theater that allows you to eat burgers and drink milkshakes while lounging back and watching the film. It truly is the life.

Get Your Groove On By Going Dancing

Going dancing could mean going out to a club to dance off all the stress from work, or finding a workout dance class to really sweat it out. I love dancing so much, especially with my friends. Even if we're just like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, and we just turn up the music and dance like no is watching, I will be happy.