7 Things To Do With Your Future Mother-In-Law To Genuinely Bond

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When you said yes, it wasn't just to the love of your life — it was to their entire family, too. That means their mother will be your future mother-in-law. It may sound a bit intimidating trying to win the affection of a completely new family, and movies like Monster-in-Law don't make it seem very easy — but that's not likely the case if you put in a conscious effort. Take a step by planning things to do with your future mother-in-law to genuinely bond with her.

Once you say, "I do," she is going to be in your life forever, so you might as well establish a genuine relationship right from the start. One day, she might even be the grandmother of your children, and feel like a second mother to you. You might not end up being best friends, but it's important to start right and hope for a great relationship.

There's no better way to get to know someone than hanging out and doing something fun. Find an activity that allows you both to talk, and might even give you both a few inside jokes for down the road. Reach out and see what your future mother-in-law likes to do as hobbies, or suggest any of these seven fun things to do. She'll appreciate the effort you're putting in to getting to know her, and you'll be one step closer to feeling like family.

Offer Your Help In The Kitchen For A Dinner Party

You can get a lot of bonding done just by offering to help in the kitchen. While you're assisting, you can ask her about your fiancé's/fiancée's favorite dishes as a kid, and take note on any family recipes. You could even swap funny stories about your families to really get to know one another. (Warning: Just don't burn any of her specialties while you're trying to help.)

Sign Up For A Wine And Paint Class

If you're looking for something more active to do, you could sign up for a wine and paint night. Spend time getting to know each other, sip some wine, and laugh about how your artwork is coming along.

Treat Yourselves And Get Manis And Pedis Together

The wedding planning will be stressful for you both, so take every opportunity you have to treat yourselves. Get manicures and pedicures together. Spend the time chatting while getting pampered. It's the ultimate bonding experience, and you'll leave feeling super relaxed.

Meet Up For Coffee At A Favorite Place
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Ask your future mother-in-law where her favorite café or coffee shop is, or share yours with her. Treat her to a latte or two. (Three if it's going super well.) You're not only getting to know what she likes, but you can spend quality time chatting.

Have A DIY Night To Get Things Done For The Wedding

If you have DIY projects for the wedding, like putting together the centerpieces for the tables, you could invite your future mother-in-law over to help out. She'll be more than happy to assist. Plus, a fun conversation is just asking her what her wedding was like.

Sign Up For A Fun Workout Class

If you both are passionate about working out, consider signing up for a fun class together. It could be something simple like yoga, or extreme like high intensity interval training. Either way, plan to go out for smoothies or coffee afterward, so you can unwind and talk. The activity will give you a great start to the conversation.

Have A Girls' Night In To Watch A Fave Movie
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Invite your future mother-in-law over for a girls' night. Have her bring over her favorite movies, or share one of yours. A rom-com is always an easy way to share some laughs together. Don't forget plenty of snacks, and maybe some wine.

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