7 Creative Things To Do For Your BF's Birthday In The Fall When You're Broke

There's something extra cozy and warm about celebrating a birthday that lands in the fall. Multiply that feeling by 10 if your boyfriend is the main man of the hour blowing out the candles. As convenient as the season and the day are, financially, it's not always the best time to go all out for your bae. Finding things to do for your boyfriend's birthday in the fall is full of possibilities that are affordable and memorable.

Your guy should understand that money doesn't grow on trees, and if it did, you two would tag team a lumberjack company together. For now, it's the thought that counts. I mean, that's how it should always be, but for argument's sake, let's bank everything on the idea that your effort is a priceless currency.

If you know your guy well enough, you should have an idea of what actually brings him joy without breaking the bank. Keeping those things in mind will incredibly help you on your journey to not-so-costly gift giving. Saving money on buying gifts doesn't mean you don't care — it means you're adulting and practicing the art of delegation. Each boyfriend is different, so you really have to flex your creativity muscle. There's no right way to do this, but some options are pretty simple and can be tailored to suit your one-of-a-kind boyfriend.

Send Him On A Fun Scavenger Hunt
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Even if your boyfriend isn't a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, no one can resist the urge to go on a scavenger hunt. You can even make it cuter by adding places you both cherish, because of the special memories you made there together. Hide little trinkets of his favorite things along the way, and in the end, present him with the best prize of all — you. Oh, and maybe a few slices of cake, too.

Host A Throwback Video Game Night

Not to stereotype, but it seems like a lot of guys dig video games. If your guy falls into this category, you'd be amazed how much playing all kinds of video games is an enjoyable past time for him. Build a sturdy fort in your living room, stock up on some favorite snacks, and get ready to indulge in the video game world with your bae. Even if it isn't your thing, it's hard to say no to a round of Crash Bandicoot.

Create An Adventure Punch Card

Clearly, you can't embark on all of the things you want to with your boo right this second, but there's nothing wrong with crafting an adorable promise to do so. Create a little punch card with all of the places and things you know he wants to do with you. It'll be your way of letting him know you haven't forgotten, and eventually, the two of you will go on those adventures together.

Make Him Guess The Desserts You've Made
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Make an assortment of his favorite desserts, blindfold him, and make him guess what delicious goodness you prepared for him. Come on. Anything involving a blindfold taste test of yummy desserts is bound to be exciting, new, and fun. While there's probably nothing sweeter than your boyfriend, he'll appreciate the little treats you took the time out make him.

Create A Gag Bag About Your Inside Jokes

Maybe on your first date, you spilled something on his favorite shirt, or you found out he has an adorable nickname from his mom. Either way, fill that bag with a replacement shirt, and something with that nickname drawn out in big letters. Everyone's inside jokes are different, so think about what makes the two of you laugh almost instantly, incorporate it into an item, and add it to the bundle of goodies.

Put Together A Pamper Kit

It's time to get creative. Put together a package complete with his favorite shaving cream, a razor, and a package of the briefs he likes to wear. Cologne is also a great addition to a man's pamper kit.

Take A Scenic Drive To His Favorite Places

Car rides really do work wonders. Many of our best memories and inside jokes started inside of a car. Taking your bae on a cruise past his favorite places to see is pretty romantic. Sightseeing usually doesn't cost much, and a lot of the times these are places you may overlook every day.

A gift doesn't lose its meaning if you didn't drop boatloads of money on it. You may not have been able to spend much money for your boyfriend's birthday, but the love and attention you give your guy on his special day will always be priceless.