7 Key Qualities Every Friend Crew Needs To Make It Last A Lifetime

If it was an option for that "what would you bring to a deserted island" question, most of us would probably say our best friends. Having a solid friend group is seriously so important — not only for your thriving social life, but also to keep you supported through every unexpected thing life throws at you. I personally cannot survive without my awesome group of friends. I text them everyday about the most random things, and make a point to see them at least once a week. They are definitely the forever type of crew in my book — but what things make a friend group last a lifetime?

If you're still BFFs with the same squad since high school, you may very well have what it takes to make this special friend group last a lifetime. You might not even really know what you're doing right — but cheers to you for finding your forever tribe. Hold them tight.

If you want to ensure the friends you have right now stick with you for the long haul, make sure you're doing these seven things. Keep in mind that some friends do come and go; it happens. But you deserve one solid group who stays with you until the end.

You Each Have Your Individual, Unique Strengths

Just like the Avengers, you and your friends each have your unique strengths that you combine to make one super awesome team. You may have one friend in the group who always makes everyone laugh, and another friend who gives the most amazing advice. You each have a special superpower that your friends appreciate — and when all of these are put together, they make the entire squad so much stronger.

You All Know When To Take Some Time Apart

Too much of anything isn't good or healthy. As much as you love spending time with your best friends, you do need to take a little break from time and time again. This could mean planning a few girls' nights with some of your other friends outside of the group, or just really investing in some "me time."

They're Your Most Solid Support System

You most likely feel zero shame going to your friends for literally anything. It can be moving into a new apartment, and needing help with all of your boxes. Or, it can be being there for a friend when they're experiencing a heartbreaking loss. When I lost my dad, it was my forever friends who truly helped me cope. I'm a firm believer that once you find a group who provides you with that kind of support (that goes far beyond the rainbows and butterflies kind of times), you'll never want to let them go.

You've Established Some Pretty Great Traditions To Look Forward To Every Year

Friend traditions are something we all cherish — from having a cookie swap party around the holidays, to planning an annual summer trip. Hey, even monthly brunches count (and they're seriously necessary).

You and your friends have probably already established cool traditions you look forward to every year. And if you don't have a few set in stone quite yet, there's no better time to start!

You Spice Things Up With Spontaneous Adventures

You have your traditions, but you also keep things fun and fresh on the regular. Yes, you have your go-to bars and coffee shops, but you new and exciting activities on the weekends are never out of the question. Maybe that means going for a hot air balloon ride, or taking a road trip to the mountains for a hiking trip. The world is your oyster, and you and your squad love to embrace it.

You Have One-On-One Time To Strengthen Each Bond

You love spending time with your group as a whole, but you also make time for some one-on-one plans with each person in your crew. This actually helps to ensure you're keeping a solid connection with everyone in the squad. If you're not already doing this, plan out some time to get brunch or grab coffee with individual friends every once in awhile.

You Always Stay Connected, No Matter The Distance

This one is especially important for friendships that end up being long-distance. You never know where life may take you, but you still make it work if you talk all the time. We're all literally glued to our phones — I mean, I know I am — so it's so easy to send a text or make a phone call whenever.

I could not live without my group text to turn to on the reg. Even when I go days without seeing my friends, it's like we're always hanging out, because I'm always chatting it up via text.