7 Eye-Opening Things That Happen When You Stop Checking Social Media In The Morning

Checking your Facebook account or Twitter feed when you wake up has become the equivalent of reading the morning newspaper. It's so instantaneous, that it has simply just become a part of the morning routine as we sip our coffee. But what happens when you stop checking social media in the morning? You'd be amazed.

Honestly, think back to the time before you had a Facebook, Myspace (yes, I took it there), or Twitter account. The days weren't regulated by how many notification alerts you had, or how many things you liked or shared before you even got out of bed. I mean, I get it; our phones give us so much access to everything that when we close our eyes anything is bound to happen (and we want to be in the know). Well, I hate to break it to you, but no matter if your eyes are closed or open, current events are always unfolding at a rate you will never control.

So, chill out and let the mornings do what they're supposed to do: wake you up. Social media in the morning has the ability to shape your day, and not always in the best way. Call it a cleanse or whatever, but ditching the tweets and likes first thing in the morning can really benefit you in these seven ways.

Your Mind Is So Much Clearer

Because of how much is posted and shared on social media, it can be an incredibly huge plate of info to try to digest and decipher in the morning. This even includes funny videos and memes. I'm all for a hardy laugh in the morning, but they don't always have to be sought through social media. How about we smile because we simply woke up in the morning, not because of another cat video posted on our page.

You Can Better Assess And Address Your Mood
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I'm a firm believer that you are in control of how you face your day. Waking up first thing in the morning isn't easy for some of us non-morning people. We need that little voice in our head to give us some encouragement. How can you pinpoint your mood if you turn into a scroll robot, playing catch up on your different handles?

You Have More Time To Be Present

Being present means just being in tune with the day, the time, and the hours that lie ahead. The morning is a prime time for those more pensive thoughts, because it's the start of the fresh day.

Social media can really check you out of the reality occurring around you. Being aware of the natural qualities of the morning instead of a retweet will better get you in the zone to face the day on your terms.

You Better Appreciate Your Caffeine Choice
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Have you ever made or purchased an amazing cup of coffee, but during every sip your eyes were locked on your phone? Do you even really remember drinking that deliciousness? Chances are you didn't, and we all know the glorious benefits of enjoying a good cup of Joe in the morning.

You Have A More Effective Routine Set In Place

I think we can all agree that social media takes up so much of our time. I'm pretty sure there are exact stats about how much the average person checks their phone each day, and it's almost unbelievable. Cutting social media out of your morning routine will add up more minutes and maybe even hours for you to do something less counterproductive.

Petty Things Can't Influence The Day Ahead

I don't know about you, but when I first wake up in the morning, I am easily influenced. You're just realizing that it's a new day... and boom, you see something distasteful on social media. It can seriously ruin your whole day. Clearly, we can't stop annoying things from getting on our nerves, but we can save ourselves just a tad in the morning by turning away from social media.

You Feel Less Obligated To Check Your Phone Throughout The Day

Ironically, by not checking your social media first thing in the morning, you feel less obligated to check it throughout the day. You aren't thinking about what someone said about the comment you tagged them in, because you ditched the morning check in. Imagine how much you could genuinely get done if you checked your phone a little less every single day of your life.

Social media has definitely got a hold on many of our routines. Taking a break from it in the morning will help you better govern your day.