7 Things You DGAF About Once You Reach Your Mid-20s That Used To Really Matter

Are you kind of, sorta of dreading your 25th birthday? Believe me — I totally understand reaching your quarter-life may seem like a drag, but, let me tell you, this time in your life should seriously be celebrated! Sure, you might not get carded constantly at bars when you go out, but having late-night pub crawls isn't so much your thing anymore, anyway. There are actually a lot of things that don't matter once you reach your mid-20s. It's as if the drama of yesterday kind of disappears, and you're so thankful, because ain't nobody got time for that.

Looking back on 20-year-old you may be like looking back on a totally different person. You really grew up. You don't know why you cared so much about other people's opinions, or stayed friends with someone who was a negative Nancy all the time. You probably also don't know how in the world you were able to conquer so many all-nighters. Truly, "how" and "why" are the types of questions that come to mind. As much as you've changed, you are still able to look back and appreciate that special time in your life. You just know now, these seven things don't matter anymore.

Staying Up Partying 'Til The Morning Hours

Staying up until 3 a.m. truly was a feat you are probably so proud to say you once did, but you did it once and now you never have to do it again. Staying out late is just sacrificing your snooze time. That shouldn't be a thing. You do love your friends — don't get me wrong — but you love sleep even more. Your friends will still be around during the normal hours of the day for brunch, coffee dates, and shopping.

Letting The FOMO Take Over

We've all been there where we let the FOMO take over. You're lying in bed and convincing yourself to go to a party at a bar miles away from your apartment. It's all because you don't want to be the only one in your friend group who's missing out on the fun. The regret of going out truly sinks in when you don't make it back home until 2 a.m.

Trust me — you're really not missing anything. When you reach your mid-20s, you're totally content with saying "no" to plans you're really not into. A night in curled up on the couch watching your favorite flick, is a night well-spent. Besides, you'll be much more rested up the next day.

Having A Jam-Packed Weekend

You used to want to make the most of your days off by making sure you were doing something fun literally every weekend. I used to be obsessed with filling my Google calendar up with social plans. Now, you've learned to appreciate leaving your weekends open and penciling in some time for yourself. Actually, some of the best ones are when you just sleep in and don't have any commitments whatsoever.

Fixing Relationships With Fake Friends

You may have been friends with someone who was emotionally draining. They constantly had drama like they were on a reality TV show, and were always looking to start something in the friend group. You made an effort to mend that friendship whenever it went sour, because you had been friends with said person for so long. Now, you truly realize that it's not about the quantity of friends you have, but the quality. Any friend who wants to bring toxic vibes into your life is definitely not worth your time or energy.

Having Big Birthday Parties

I love a good birthday party — I truly do — but over the years, having the biggest shindig in town just isn't my priority anymore. Now, it's all about spending time with my close friends doing something I really love. You may even want to celebrate by having a chill night in with a couple of your closest friends. You do you, and that is the best way to party.

Putting Other People First

The greatest lesson I take with me now in my mid-20s is that my best friend is me. Hear me out. I used to put other people first in how I planned out my day, and even how I dealt with relationships. Now, I tune out what I think other people want to hear, and tend to lean on the things I need more.

Saving A Few Bucks Over Quality

Let's be real here — once you reach your mid-20s, you don't care how cheap something is, it's not worth it if it's going to break down anytime soon. You'd rather spend a little extra money on a nice pair of shoes that won't have your toes begging for mercy, or upgrade to a better living situation without that roommate who you don't get along with. You've made it to a point where you understand it's worth it to spend a little extra money on some things.