Don't Waste Your Time On These 7 Things This Summer, So You Can Make Every Day Count

The wait for summer seems impossibly long, but luckily, it's almost here again. You've been dreaming of pool parties, chill beach days, and cross-country road trips with your friends for quite some time now. The weather outside is warming up, and your favorite sundresses are coming out of storage. Make the most of this season while it's around by putting on your sunnies and ignoring the things that are a waste of time.

Of course, this may be easier said than done, but there are ways to avoid some things that are a waste of time. If you're unsure, I'm basically here to help you avoid those times when you really want to say, "no" to plans, but ended up saying, "yes," because the FOMO's all too real. Those are the times where you realize you just wasted an entire day where you could have been alternating between taking a relaxing nap on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

After all, you already made many plans for the season, and you don't want anything to prevent you from checking each one off your list. Be as prepared as possible by avoiding any of these seven things that are a complete waste of your summer.

Any Plans You're Not Excited About

The summer is only here for a bit, so you want to make every minute count. Your weekends are also sacred blank canvases where you get to have as much fun as possible. Don't fill any of them up with plans you're not about. So if your friends want you to go out every other Friday night, but you'd rather do a beach bonfire, feel free to tell your friends you'll catch them another time.

Friends Who Rain On Your Parade
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The friend who always seems to rain on your sunny parade? You need to ditch that toxic energy ASAP. It's just not part of the "seas-ing the day" attitude that you look forward to every summer (or ever).

Getting Upset When Things Don't Go Your Way

You want to have the best summer yet, but you also have to be flexible with any curveballs that may come your way. There will be rainy days when you want to go to the park, and traffic might delay your beach getaway. You just have to remember to keep an open mind and positive vibes all the way through.

Letting Your Financial Situation Stop The Fun
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When you're in savings mode, it can seriously affect your summer game plan. But don't let the fact that you're on a budget stop you from having fun.

One way to save is instead of staying at a luxe hotel for your cross-country road trip, reach out to friends in the area to crash on their couches. You can also swap out more expensive plans for having a photo shoot on the beach with your besties, or a picnic in the park. It's all about getting creative.

Making Excuses For Things

The weather will be a big excuse if you let it. There are some days when it's just too hot outside to do anything. You may rather stay in and sit by the air conditioner instead of getting brunch with your friends. Flip that excuse, and make it work. Take your brunch plans and bring them indoors for a cool, at-home potluck with the squad.

Getting Lost In Social Media
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On weekends when I don't have any concrete plans, I spend most of my day scrolling through my social media feeds. I end up spending hours of my day where I could be grabbing coffee with my friends or running errands.

Consider taking a little social media break, especially in the morning. Set your phone aside or turn it off. That way, you can always start your day off on a fresh note.

Waiting Around For People To Be Free, When You Could Do The Plan Solo
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There may be times where you want to check out a cute café or a new movie, but you find yourself waiting around for your friends to be free. You don't have to always have someone with you in order to have fun. I actually enjoy doing things alone, and it guarantees I do everything I want to, in the time I'm given.