You'll Love These 7 Summer Baecation Ideas To The Beach & Beyond

In my opinion, so many things are sweeter in the summertime. My lemonade tastes like it has an extra scoop of sugar in it, and my fridge is filled with fresh fruit like strawberries and pineapple slices that are in season. The days are longer, leaving me and my love with plenty of sunshine for making memories, taking Polaroid pictures, and seeing the stars from our apartment balcony hours after clocking out of work. Every moment feels movie-worthy, or like we're on a vacation. You may feel the same way, but are looking for some summer travel ideas for couples so that you can truly make the most of the beautiful months to come with bae. Lucky for you, I have a few things in mind.

Before I get into the dreamy destinations that'll leave you two feeling refreshed, relaxed, and sun-kissed, though, I want to talk about how amazing it can be to travel with someone you love. Long lines at the airport, getting lost on the way to find your accommodations, and every other hiccup that might happen is somehow, well, better, because they're by your side. Exploring places for the first time, eating at new restaurants, and finding cute coves to call "yours" is simply incredible, too.

You'll want to celebrate and cue some confetti in the spirit of traveling together when you buy your plane tickets or head to one of these seven summer hot spots. I think you'll both love them to the beach and beyond.

Cape May, New Jersey
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First on my list of summer travel ideas for you and bae is Cape May, New Jersey. It's filled with hotels, beaches, and cute places to go shopping on a rainy afternoon. You'll never be bored, and you'll be able to relax and take Instagram-worthy pictures all in one trip.

The best part? If you two don't have a lot of time to spend on a vacation this summer because your schedules are pretty jam-packed with work and seeing friends, this is a fairly easy destination to get to. A long plane ride across an ocean is not required.

San Clemente, California
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In my opinion, the West Coast really is the "best coast" when it comes to summer travel. That's because there are so many colorful walls you can pose with, observatories you can go to to see the stars, and cities you can visit in a single road trip. But, if you're planning a trip with bae, you should prioritize San Clemente, California.

You should hop on a plane to the palm trees and plan on soaking up the brightest sun beams. Sunscreen and a tropical bathing suit will be essentials, especially if you want to take a surfing lesson or watch a sunset near the San Clemente Pier. Got it? Good.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
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This planet has a lot of destinations that will take your breath away. From the waterfalls, to the red rock, and all the hiking trails in between, it's really difficult to pick just one. But I'm going to try, and strongly suggest that you head to Cannon Beach, Oregon, this summer. Trust me — it won't disappoint.

You and your SO will drive into the Pacific Northwest and instantly be impressed by the mountains and tall trees. You'll pull up to the beach and see people walking their pups or hanging out near bonfires, and think, "Wow! This is really rad."

Then, you might head into Portland for some of the best doughnuts you'll ever have from Blue Star Donuts, and maybe some sushi, too. Um, yes please!

Oahu, Hawaii
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Over the course of your relationship, you and your love might have come up with a bucket list of things you want to do together. Some of the items are food-related, and others are excursions or oceans you'd gladly take a dip in. Let me take a wild guess and say that Oahu, Hawaii, is on that list.

I don't blame you! This destination seems so romantic, from its teal waves to its incredible culture. While you're there, you'll likely hang with the surfers on the North Shore, check out some amazing cafés, and go snorkeling, too. (Can I third-wheel on this adventure? Thanks!)

Santorini, Greece
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For the adventurous couple who's down for a long plane ride, there are a bunch of islands off the coast of Greece that are patiently waiting for your arrival. One of those islands is Santorini — aka paradise.

Now, you may have already heard of this destination, thanks to your favorite influencers on Instagram who have been there and done that. They likely gave you the 411 on where to find a fresh market, or get a good picture of the white houses stacked along the coastline.

So, I won't get too much into it and will simply say this instead. Don't sleep on this destination this summer, and text a message to your SO right now saying, "Let's go!"

Nice, France
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In the summertime, Nice, France, should definitely be on your radar. Here's why.

The streets are lined with brightly colored houses and even the occasional palm tree. According to Lonely Planet, checking out Parc de la Colline du Château and the Cours Saleya markets are musts. Spend a week or even 10 days here, and your summer will go from average to straight-up heavenly.

Byron Bay, Australia
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Last but not least, Byron Bay, Australia, will make you fall in love all over again. It'll make your heart soar toward the clouds, and you say to your SO, "Can we live here someday?" (Am I getting ahead of myself? I don't think so.)

You see, going to this destination won't be your normal summer vacation. It'll be an unforgettable adventure from day one. You'll likely go to the Cape Byron Lighthouse during your stay, and maybe take pictures and drink smoothies at The Pressed Pantry.

Most importantly, you'll have a summer to remember with your love, and return home with lots of memories and stories from traveling the world together.