7 Cool Items Under $20 You Need To Really Enjoy Your Spring Break

For college students, spring break is that silver lining in the sky that temporarily frees them from tests, professors, and late hours spent in the library. It's a full week of whatever the hell you want, including fun — which you can always somehow afford. "Affordable" is the most attractive thing you can say to a college student, and spring break party items under $20 would have anyone in a pinch me, I'm dreaming phase.

If you were saving up all semester for spring break, you're happy to find any way you can keep an extra few bucks in your wallet. You'll have plenty of other times to splurge over spring break, so the prep stuff shouldn't have you excessively coming out of pocket. Sunny skies and blue waters should be the only thing on your mind the second you walk out of class on that glorious day before your break begins.

Depending on what you're doing, the items you need will vary, but you can never go wrong with cool knickknacks. Basically, with any of these items, you will be at the center of those instances when dope sh*t happens. Save your money and make your spring break festivities extra lit with some affordable items.

Get Prehistoric With Your Taco Tuesday

The Ultimate Prehistoric Taco Stand for Jurassic Taco Tuesdays, $12, Amazon

Tacos are life, but sometimes you don't have a free hand in between bites. Say hello to a new way to keep sand from getting on your tacos or experiencing the disheartening loss of dropping it. Your taco just went Jurassic, and you'll love every single minute of it.

A Purple Party Fanny Pack

Bam Products- Neon Fanny Party Pack, $13, Amazon

The entire time during spring break is usually spent in a bathing suit, or you are going to dance so much you won't want to lug around a purse. Fanny packs are truly everything. They hold all of the important stuff and stay out of your way. You also can't beat the free shipping for this item.

A Cute Donut Cup Holder To Prevent Any Party Fouls
Urban Outfitters

Donut Cup Holder Pool Float Set, $2, Urban Outfitters

Let's first praise this amazing price for a moment. Thank you, price gods. You're bound to be in, near, or along some water for spring break, and you'll want your nice cold drink close by. You're getting all of your bases covered, in style.

Stay Hydrated With Your Sriracha Water Bottle

Ripple Junction Sriracha Water Bottle, $9, Amazon

Hot and parched while you're dancing the night away? With this water bottle, your dance moves won't be the only thing gathering other people's attention. Anyone can drink out of any ole water bottle, but this right here is red hot.

Glittery Shot Glasses For You And The Crew

Glittered Shot Glasses, $10, Etsy

Sippin' in style is a must if you are 21 and up by the time spring break comes around. Also, with a designated glass, it beats scurrying around looking for an available cup. Convenience is everything when you just want to let loose and have fun under the sun.

LED Light Up Glasses

12 Pack LED Light Up Glasses - Assorted Flashing Lights, $8, Amazon

Light up glasses are basically a signal that you mean business when it comes down to partying. You and your girl crew will light up the night, each rocking a pair of these. The picture possibilities are endless.

A Unicorn Flask

Wit! Flask, Unicorn, $11, Amazon

Unicorns are unique and magical, which are two qualities you want your spring break to have. I don't think there is a cuter drinking accessory you could buy. Unicorns are graceful and majestic AF, and if you're 21 and up, this gem is the perfect thing to pack in your suitcase.

Spring break is a time for us to clear our heads from the stresses of school. The only test you're looking to ace is the one near a beach and on the sand.