Your Girl Squad Will Seas The Day With These Must-Haves For Spring Break

Spring Break is one of the best times of the year to take a squad vacation. You and your best friends are probably a crew of ladies who know what you want and get sh*t done. You have a lot going on in your professional and personal lives, and you still find time for each other as often as you can. But when can you all go on one great weekend (or week) together and just live it up (responsibly, of course)? This is why spring break is the perfect opportunity to put work and school on hold for a bit. And when you do go on that much-needed relaxing getaway, must-haves for spring break are essential to helping you have a great time.

Forgetting something that you need to bring for a trip is the worst feeling in the world. But what's worse is if that something was a must-have. You want to be as prepared as can be beforehand so that you are ready to go for anything that could come your way. Plus, these items will add to your overall enjoyment. When heading to an island paradise, these staples will keep you going. And while some may be more "needs" than others listed, you're going to want to bring all of them.

Matching Tank Tops
Custom Party Shop / Amazon

Custom Party Shop Women's Tequila Funny Tank Top, $19, Amazon

Matching tanks are seriously necessary for any girl squad who's jetting off to spring break shenanigans. The saying on this witty tank will seriously be appreciated by the crew who's 21 and up.

You can use matching tanks as an easy way to keep track of everyone in your group, or just as a cute excuse for a prime photo-op. Either way, this is definitely a must-have, and your group will undoubtedly look super fresh.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can't go wrong with custom tanks. Put your friends' names on the back, use some shimmer ink, and choose a clever saying, lyric, or quote. This way, it can be something totally unique to you and your crew. Go to places like Underground Printing, Custom Ink, or Rush Order Tees to create your wearable masterpieces.

Wine Glasses
FishingAndFaith / Etsy

Mermaid Wine Glass, $12, Etsy

If you're 21 and up, wine is a given when you're going on spring break. That rosé all day mentality on the beach has never looked more pleasing. Make sure you're prepared for the vino by bringing your own glasses (if they fit in your luggage and won't break) for that at-home feel and to be eco-friendly. If that can't work, make sure to buy disposable or cheap ones as soon you get to your destination.

Fuzzy Slippers

Women's Noley Unicorn Puff Slippers, $17.99, Target

You're going to be on your feet a lot during break, so make sure to give your toes some TLC when you can. A great way to do that is by bringing your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers for when you're lounging around the hotel or beach house. Closed toe or sandal slippers, it doesn't matter — make sure to bring them.

Portable Speakers
XLeader / Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker, $14.99, Amazon

You're going to want to blast your fave bops this break, so definitely bring something to help you do so! A portable speaker that's Bluetooth enabled will give you and any of your friends the capability to switch off who's playing what.

Make sure to have a sick spring break playlist ready for any mood (or be up-to-date with Spotify's curated lists of the moment). If you don't want to spend the money on a Bluetooth one, make sure to have your cable if you have an iPhone 7 or newer.

Nail Polish

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Bed of Roses Nail Polish Set, $36, Sephora

To go with your wine, you may want to bring some good staple nail polish colors. For when chips happen (and they do) or for a low-key girls' night to take a break from all of the daily beach activities, nail polish is a great thing to have on hand.

The Cutest Swimsuit
Aerie / American Eagle

Aerie Wraparound One-Piece Swimsuit, $40, Aerie

This is a no brainer, but it also might be such an obvious item to bring that you may just forget it. A swimsuit is more than an essential if you're going tropical this spring break, but also may be something fun to bring even if you're not going to a beachy place (your hotel might have a pool). Do a cutesy thing and match with your babes, or find a standout that will make all of your Instas sizzle.

Portable Battery
iXCC / Amazon

Power Bank Portable Charger - Pink, $8.99, Amazon

Honestly, a portable charger is a lifesaver and one of the most important things on this list. For all those days out on the beach, nights out, or adventures you're having, your phone will of course need to be charged at times when outlets are not plentiful.

Make sure to splurge on this one, because you want this to work and hold at least a full charge for you phone. Try and make sure everyone in your squad has one too, so no one has to borrow each other's charge.

Hair Elastics

Scunci No Damage Knotted Ponytailers - 4pk, $3, Target

Something that many may forget, but everyone always asks for, are ponytailers. Whether you prefer scrunchies or the basic elastic, have them on hand! You don't want to be stealing someone else's everyday, and you also want to have the opportunity to have your hair up without any fuss. Your future self with thank your current self immensely.

All The (Travel-Sized) Toiletries You'd Ever Need

Jane Carter Travel Size Kit, $19.99, Target

You don't want to spend unnecessary amounts of money while out on break (because you're going to want to spend it on more important things, like souvenirs). So save where you can, bring your own toiletries from home, and put them in travel-size containers. Or, you can buy when you get to your final destination and go the travel size route. Your hotel should also have the essentials like shampoo and conditioner, but in case you want to use your own or have special products you like, come prepared.

Aloe Vera

Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel 8.0 fl oz, $5.49, Walgreens

You're most likely going to get sunburnt, even if it's just a little because you should have put on sunscreen (another essential). That's just how our tricky sun works, so make sure to come prepared for the aftermath with aloe vera and lip balm.

Trying to stay hydrated is a must, but sometimes it's hard. You may want to bring the lip balm as well for when your lips are needing some R&R from spring break sun.