'Space Force' Season 2 theories

7 'Space Force' Season 2 Theories About Maggie, Mark, & More


Netflix's Space Force put a lot of cliffhangers out there when it wrapped up Season 1. There are spacepeople on the moon with no habitat, General Mark Narid (played by Steve Carell) is technically on the run from Air Force custody, and Maggie Naird has somehow escaped from prison with her guard Louise in tow. With all that's left up in the air, it's no wonder fans are already thinking about Space Force Season 2 theories.

Season 1 of Space Force hit Netflix on May 29, and it immediately became a trending show on the streaming. Despite not earning a ton of praise from critics, the show remained in Netflix's Top 10 list for several days following its premiere, which makes the changes of a Season 2 happening look pretty promising. Plus, while there hasn't been any official renewal decision announcement from Netflix as of June 9, showrunner Greg Daniels said the team is already talking about the possibilities for a sophomore season of the show. "We don’t have the pickup yet, but yeah. There’s a lot to follow up on based on where we ended," Daniels told Collider. And he wasn't exaggerating — there really is a lot left open-ended by the Season 1 finale. So, here are some theories about what could go down if the series secures a second season:

1. Maggie Naird's Crime Will Be Explained

Aaron Epstein/Netflix

Fans know General Mark Naird's wife, Maggie Naird, went to prison in Season 1, but nobody knows why. The reason for her being in there has to be important to the plot somehow, otherwise it would be way too random for it to be mentioned, right? Hopefully Season 2 will finally reveal what brought her there.

2. Yuri Will Be Revealed As A Spy

Yuri "Bobby" Telatovich lurked in the background of five of the 10 episodes of Space Force Season 1. Aside from having a thing with Narid's daughter Erin, the purpose of his presence in the show hasn't been solidified yet. Many inside Space Force have hinted at Yuri being a Russian spy — which would make sense, since he always seems to be trying to get inside intel on Naird and his branch. From the looks of it, Season 1 perfectly teed up a spy storyline for Yuri in Season 2.

3. Spacepeople From The U.S. & China Will Work Together

In the Space Force Season 1 finale, fans saw U.S. troops disassemble the Chinese moon base, per the orders of Air Force General Kick Grabaston (who took over when Naird defied the president's orders to use force against China). The U.S. spacepeople said they would be ready to welcome the Chinese troops as "refugees" into their moon base, but they then discovered the Chinese spacepeople disassembled their moon base, too.

Now, there are two countries on the moon and no livable home nearby, so it really seems like the teams will have to work together to figure out some solution to save them all.

4. Mark Naird Will Redeem Himself


At the end of Season 1, Naird was in Air Force custody for defying the president's orders. However, he escaped his zip-tie handcuffs when he found out his daughter Erin was in trouble. The last fans saw of him, Naird was in a Space Force helicopter with his family, left with the decision to either return to Space Force and help fix the situation on the moon (risking arrest) or fleeing in the chopper to an unknown location.

It seems unlikely that Naird will flee and leave Space Force for the Air Force to deal with, but it also seems unlikely that he'll actually end up in prison, which would likely happen the moment he returns to base. Since it's clear in the show the president rewards people when they do a good job, perhaps Naird will do something to somehow redeem himself and avoid a jail sentence.

5. Naird Will Fight Kick Grabaston For Space Force

Although Air Force General Grabaston was left in charge of Space Force at the end of Season 1, it's clear Naird is passionate about keeping his branch. Chances are, Naird won't give up that easily, so an epic showdown between the two decorated military officials could be in store.

6. Naird & Kelly King Will Date For Real

Throughout Season 1, Naird warmed up to the idea of dating, with the approval of his imprisoned wife Maggie. He even began to pursue a connection with independent contractor Kelly King, but his daughter Erin clearly wasn't thrilled with his new relationship, and the whole Chinese moon debacle really got in the way of them actually being able to develop their relationship. It's possible Season 2 will see their relationship blossom, though Maggie's prison escape may throw a wrench in that.

7. Chan & Angela Will Get Together

It's pretty clear there are some serious vibes between Captain Angela Ali and Dr. Chan Kaifang, but they only got close to expressing their feelings for one another at the end of Season 1. Chances are, Season 2 could be when things get serious between them — if they survive long enough for them to be reunited.