'Space Force' debuted on Netflix on May 29

Here's What We Know About A 'Space Force' Season 2


Last fans checked in on the characters in Netflix's Space Force, they were in pretty precarious situations. A feud between China and the United States left the spacepeople in major trouble on the moon, and a feud between the Air Force and the Space Force put General Naird in a similarly sticky situation on the ground. The end of the season was full of so many cliffhangers, fans can't help but wonder if there will there be a Space Force Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Space Force lie ahead. Space Force is a slightly political satire from Netflix based on Donald Trump's decision to create a U.S. Space Force IRL. The series brought together comedic legends including Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, and John Malkovich, to name a few. Carell teamed up with The Office co-creator Greg Daniels to bring this new series to light.

Since so many huge names were involved in this show, it's no wonder its release was highly anticipated. The series dropped Season 1 on Netflix on May 29, and although it has received modest reviews from critics thus far, it's clear the public is interested; Space Force sat on Netflix's Top 10 list the entire weekend after its release. The show's popularity is a good sign a Season 2 could be on the horizon; since Netflix started showing the Top 10 list, it's been pretty easy to spot a trend between series that are popular among viewers and series that get quick renewal decisions.


A second season would be great news for fans of the series, who were left up in the air after huge cliffhangers riddled the Season 1 finale. The U.S. Space Force had finally gotten "boots on the moon," but when they discovered the moon-based Chinese researchers might actually be there to steal a lunar energy source, things between the countries got tense. General Naird was arrested, as he defied the president's orders to use force against the Chinese, and Air Force general Kick Grabaston (Noah Emmerich) took over.

The U.S. spacepeople on the moon deconstructed the guns on board their space craft to eliminate the possibility of a deadly space encounter with China, but did deconstruct the Chinese space habitat per the instruction of Grabaston. Sadly, when the U.S. team returned back to base, they discovered the Chinese team had destroyed their habitat too — leaving two countries on the moon without a single livable home.


Needless to say, a Season 2 is needed to answer the questions that loom over the series such as: How will the spacepeople survive? Will General Naird actually go to jail like his wife? Why is Maggie Naird in jail, anyway? There's a lot to address, so here's hoping for a sophomore season of this interstellar show.