This Skyn Condoms Black Friday Deal Will Keep You Safe & Sexy This Winter

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The best things really do come in small packages, and if you're looking for the perfect way to wrap your partner's package this holiday season, SKYN's got you (and your SO) covered. LifeStyles' SKYN non-latex condoms are just as effective as latex condoms with a much more natural feel, and they're perfect for anyone with latex allergies or sensitivities. The best part: SKYN is offering discounts on tons of products for the holidays to keep everyone's stockings hung with care. If you're looking to rock around the Christmas tree, you'll want to take advantage of these SKYN Black Friday 2019 deals.

From Nov. 25 through Dec. 4, you can get 30% off some of SKYN's many condom types, including SKYN Elite, SKYN Selection, SKYN Cocktail Club, and SKYN Extra Studded. No matter what size, texture, or even flavor you're looking for, SKYN has a variety to keep you and your boo satisfied. You can also score 30% off your purchase on lubricants and massage gels, including SKYN Maximum Performance, SKYN Intimate Moments, and SKYN Excite Gel. Remember: It's important to thoroughly baste your turkey before you get to stuffing (and if you can do it for 30% off, it's even more enjoyable).


SKYN condoms are made with SKYNFEEL, which is ultra-soft and thin for a barely noticeable feel and a totally intimate experience. They're specially designed with comfort in mind, and though they don't use traditional latex, they're rigorously tested to assure maximum safety for both you and bae. When paired with their stimulating gels, SKYN makes sliding down the chimney easier and sexier than ever.

The holiday season is more about giving than receiving, but with the right tools, you can do both (and also, you know, do it). Of course, if you're going to invest in some new products, you're also going to want to try some new moves. This year, I recommend giving two of Elite Daily's favorite festive sex moves — the Turkey Trot and the Second Helping — a try. SKYN's Black Friday deal may get you excited, but their products (and a little creativity in the bedroom) are sure to give you an exceptionally happy holiday.

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