7 Cuffing Season Sex Positions That Feel More Fall Than A PSL

When summer turns to fall, you might spruce up your wardrobe with new warm layers, decorate your apartment with some pumpkins and candles, and jazz up your normal coffee with some pumpkin spice flavor. And you might also consider spicing up your sex life by trying these cuffing season sex positions! Whether you're adventurous in the bedroom or prefer more tried-and-true moves, being sexually seasonally inspired can be oh so much fun.

It's not only fall, it's also cuffing season, so you might find yourself exploring all sorts of new things with your new partner. Having a new sexual partner is a great time to try new things, experiment, and perhaps discover something new that truly leafs you breathless. (See what I did there?!) Of course, trying new tricks in the sack is also totally possible if you're with a long-time partner! The most important thing to consider when approaching a new position or move is to be sure you feel safe, are comfortable, and communicate clearly with your partner. Remember, being really scared might be better reserved for your haunted house experience than for during sex!

So whether you're shacking up with a new flame, or keeping the fire burning with a long-time boo, there's always ways to experiment in bed. And with these moves, you're autumn-atically guaranteed to have a good time!

Cosplay It Up

Even if you're not usually into role playing or wearing costumes in the bedroom, this fall could be a perfect time to preview your Halloween costume in a sexy way! Whether you and your partner have a couples costume or not, bringing a little imagination and play into your sex life is a great way to spice up your sex life and really get into the Halloween spirit! At the very least, you'll make a boo-eautiful memory!

Get Wet

Keep the cold at bay by running a hot bath and drop in pumpkin-scented bath bomb for some truly autumnal action! Climb in with your partner and get wet. While the woman on top cowgirl move might seem easiest for sexy tub time, it's cold out, honey! Lay on top of your partner on your back for a really intense sensation — that way you get to stay under the water and in on the fun.

Hot Tip — water can actually diminish your bod's natural lubrication, so if sex + water = no good for you, you can always enjoy some foreplay in the tub, then towel off and let the real fun begin!

Leave A Sweater On

While it's passionate and sexy AF to rip each other's clothes off during foreplay, the temperature is dropping outside so let's be reasonable here. Consider stripping down but leaving something cozy on — like your sweater. The cowgirl move with an item of clothing on is actually supremely sexy since it still leaves something to your partner's imagination and you stay cozy and comfortable.

Blindfolded Bae

Missionary is a tried-and-true sex move, and one of the hottest things about this move is that you can see your partner, make eye-contact, and really check them out in action. Put a spin on this and go for some sexy sensory deprivation with a blindfold. And because 'tis the season, let's make it a plaid one. The familiar will feel slightly unfamiliar — AKA hot, hot, hot.

Pumpkin Spice Candle... Wax

If you've never tried playing with hot wax in the sack, consider giving it a go this cuffing season. Get busy in bed with your partner, grab your nearby lit pumpkin spice candle, and drip a little of that fall-scented wax on your partner for a spicy reaction! A few safety tips: the higher you hold the candle above your partner, the cooler the wax will be when it touches their skin. There are also specific candles designed for temperature play that actually melt into massage oil, which can take your wax magic to the next level!

Get Down In The Great Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time to take a weekend trip and go camping! Set up a tent with your babe, light a fire, and when night starts to fall, create your own heat! And hey, since you're all about nature and what not, get into some doggy-style flannel fun in your tent. Not only will it be hot and primal, you can also both keep an eye on the entrance to your tent because — bears.

The Ties That Bind

Bondage can be a trust-building intimate adventure with your partner. When your cuff bae comes over to play, help them undress but be sure to keep their scarf handy. Consider binding their hands behind their back or tying their wrists to your bedposts and then have your way with them! Before you get down to it, consider having a safe word with your partner. Might I suggest "pumpkin pie," "trick or treat," or "cider?"

In an ideal world, your sex life stays hot all year round, but these specific fall-themed sex moves will help you keep the heat turned up in your bedroom while it's chilly outside. And oh, baby, it's getting cold outside!

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