7 Best Outfit Ideas For SantaCon, If You're Up To Snow Good With Your Girlfriends
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're 21 and up, you know SantaCon is that dope and incredibly jolly celebration in cities all over the country where we combine two adult hobbies: drinking and dressing up in festive attire. And since ladies are notorious for sleighing all day, any day of the year, it's only logical that SantaCon outfits for women would be the topic of an entire article.

I mean, the world may not revolve around us ladies, but we sure as hell make it go around. Thankfully, the holidays are filled with so many themes, stories, and accessories that the hard part is simply deciding which one you want to encompass in your outfit. Once you've got that down, the rest is history and you're ready to jingle all the way.

From Rudolph to Santa's helper, these outfits reach an entirely new level of festive fun. And no matter how many other ladies you see with the same costume as you, it will never be exactly like yours, because women are diversely beautiful in that way. There's not one way to be a woman, and there isn't one way to sleigh an elf outfit, either. So, if you're headed to a SantaCon bar crawl with the crew and don't know what to wear, look no further, because Christmas is coming early this year.

Santa's Favorite Reindeer

Sexy Ladies Womens Christmas Reindeer Animal Cosplay Fancy Dress Outfit Costume, $12, Ebay

Where would Santa be without his reindeer? Yes, everyone will be dressed up as Santa for the most part, but there's no fun in blending in. Stand out with your hooves out and slay.

Sexy Santa

Plus Size Sexy Santa Christmas Costume, $9, Dear-lover

This shade of dark red needs to make an appearance in absolutely everything that we own. Can you imagine this paired with a lipstick of the same color? Trust me, this striking outfit will have Santas flocking this holiday season.

Bring On The Snow

Women Snowed In Costume, $34, Target

A snowman is keeping with the theme and luckily, it doesn't necessarily have to be bought. If your wallet is crying this holiday season, being a snow woman can definitely allow you to whip out one of those DIY projects you've been wanting to do. Bring on the snow and the iconic top hat.

Christmas Print Party Dress

Plus Size Christmas Tree Print Party Dress, $10, DressLily

This outfit idea is so darn cute, it deserves to be worn any day of the year. What better way to represent Santa and the Christmas spirit than to wear a Christmas tree print dress? This gorgeous tree is here to win the style game.

Santa's Festive Helper

Adult Green Elf Costume, $45, PartyCity

Again, there's going to be a ton of people dressed as Santa, no matter what SantaCon you attend. All of those Santas and no helpers just doesn't seem right! Don't be surprised if numerous Santas want to buy a round or two for your awesome elf self.

Snowflake Dress

Christmas Snowflake Kitten Print Full Sleeve Skater Dress, $14, DressLily

That beautiful soft blue against the overwhelming amount of red at SantaCon will have the spotlight shining on you. This outfit could be paired with bright red leggings or glittery tights, because you know it's not going to be the warmest outside. Dress or not, you're as unique as the pattern on a snowflake.

Cindy Lou Who

Women's Christmas Girl Costume, $55, Walmart

There's no forgetting the little girl who helped enlarge the small heart of The Grinch by showing him the meaning of the holiday spirit. She is literally the savior of Christmas, and wearing her look during SantaCon is uplifting as hell. Seriously, how can you not want a reason to rock that insanely awesome hairstyle?

SantaCon may seemingly be all about the Santa look, but showing up with your own variation of holiday pride couldn't hurt. The holiday spirit can surely be dressed in more ways than one.