7 Reasons To Travel Abroad With Your Long-Distance Bestie In Your 20s

You've probably heard over and over again that your 20s is the best time to be traveling. I hate to sound like a broken record, but it couldn't be more true. And if we're getting technical here, your 20s is a prime time to specifically check off your dream destinations abroad. All you need for a bucket list experience is the right destination, and the perfect traveling partner. That person is none other than your long-distance BFF. You've been looking for excuses to see each other, and there are so many reasons to travel abroad with your long-distance friend that will make you want to pack your bags ASAP.

You may have become long-distance because of school or a job, so you're always looking for a prime opportunity to reunite. Why not reunite in a place you both have always been dreaming of going to like Europe, South Africa, or Asia? It sure as hell beats the usual spots you would meet up. Basically, you're killing two birds with one stone — seeing your BFF and scoping out a cool place you've never been to before. It's like all the pieces are falling perfectly into place for one super awesome trip.

Get your phone ready, because after seeing these seven reasons why you should be traveling abroad with your long-distance BFF, you'll be Facetime-ing to let her know the plans.

It Gives You The Opportunity To Explore A New Place On Your Bucket List Together

When you ladies do reunite, it might always in the same place. You either go to her, or she comes to you. Meeting abroad for a vacay together will give you a brand new setting for your bestie adventures and bonding time together.

You'll Make Hilarious Inside Jokes

A new place allows for fresh inside jokes that you'll cherish for a lifetime. It's what your friendship thrives off of. You send each other inside joke texts on the regular, so this trip will give you plenty of new material to work with.

There's No One You'd Trust More When You're Lost
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Traveling abroad can get a little difficult, especially when you don't speak the native language. Luckily, you have the one person you trust the most right by your side. If you end up getting lost, you're in it together for an unforgettable adventure. You're a great team, and you wouldn't trade her for the world.

You'll Get A Ton Of Amazing Insta Pics Together

Living in different zip codes means you aren't able to take as many pictures together. Most of your friend pics are screenshots of FaceTime chats. The struggle is all too real!

Traveling to beautiful locations when you're abroad totally calls for countless photo opps. You will snap so many photos to remember the trip, and they'll definitely come in handy for quality TBT's when you're missing each other back home.

You Get To Make The Most Of Your Time Together

You and your best friend don't get to see each other that much, so you truly have to make the best of the short time you do have together. There is no better way to make the most of your time than by experiencing things that'll leave a mark on your heart. For instance, you'll never forget when you shared a baguette while gazing up at the Eiffel Tower, or drank pints of beer at Oktoberfest in Germany.

Your Souvenirs For Each Other Will Be Dope

You don't get to do it a lot, so shopping with your bestie in an awesome new place sounds like so much fun. Not to mention the souvenirs you do get for each other will put all other BFF necklaces and bracelets to shame. Every compliment you get on your new swag will remind you of the great times you had together.

It's The Best Opportunity To Play Some Much-Needed Catch Up

When traveling together, you learn so much about each other. You may find out your friend is learning how to speak Italian, or her new style is totally rad because the wardrobe she brought you want to borrow. You'll catch up on all of the details about the new person she's dating, and you'll spill the tea about the coworker you cannot stand.

Catching up never felt so good when you're sipping cocktails in Ibiza, am I right? Live it up, ladies.