7 Questions To Ask Your Partner About Sex Before Your First Anniversary To Feel Closer To Them

You and bae made it to a year — yassss! The one-year benchmark officially places your relationship in the long-term zone. You've probably had some pretty serious talks, maybe you've met each other's parents, and you might even be shacked up at this point. But if you think you know everything there is to know about this person, think again, because there's probably a lot about their pillow-talk persona you may not be aware of. So, what are the best questions to ask your partner about sex before your first anniversary?

Even when you feel like you know the ins and outs of someone, they might still surprise you, and that's not a bad thing! Turning to your SO and saying, "Let's talk about sex, baby," might make you little nervous which is totally understandable. But when it comes to nookie, going over certain things can be highly beneficial for your relationship. You might be like, Do I have to? And well, no, you don't have to do anything, of course. But not only will you feel closer with your boo after talking about a few things, you'll probably both enjoy a much more satisfactory sex life, too.

Asking your partner these seven questions about sex before your first anniversary will help you learn more about them and maybe even more about yourself, too.

Are You Satisfied With Our Sex Life?
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This is kind of a broad question, but when it comes to the sex talk, it's a good place to start. If you or your partner are unsatisfied with your sex life, it might just take a couple tweaks and some good ol' communication to straighten things out or spice things up. Getting on the same page is key to a healthy sex life.

How Often Do You Want To Do It?
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Most people have an idea of how often they'd like to do the deed. In a perfect world, not only would you and your partner have the same frequency in mind, but your schedules and moods would also align at all the right times. This might not be the case, but it's still important to talk it over to get a good idea of where each of you stand.

What's Your Favorite Position?
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Maybe you've already covered this within your first year of dating, or maybe you think you know what your partner's favorite position is based on their go-to. But you won't know for sure unless you ask! It's possible that your SO prefers doggie style, her-on-top, or a position you've never even tried together, and they might be thrilled about an opportunity to share this with you.

Do You Have Any Fantasies?
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Maybe your SO has always wanted to get it on in a public place, dreams about licking chocolate off your body, or wants you to dress up as a sexy teacher. Even if you're not necessarily into playing out your partner's sexual fantasies, learning what they are can help you understand them better. Everyone has different desires — from decades-old fantasies to more fleeting reveries. You might feel a lot closer to your bae after learning what theirs are.

Is There Anything You'd Like To Try Out With Me?
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Aside from fantasies, your partner might be dying to try something out with you. Maybe they want to try out a new position, have lights-on sex, or even just have a before-work quickie for a change. Sometimes, it can be scary to ask these things, so opening up the conversation might be just the thing they need to share it with you.

Are You Into Dirty Talk?
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Dirty talk is something that some people really enjoy during (or before or after) sex, while others find it kinda gross or can't quite take it seriously. There are no wrong answers here, but it's worth knowing whether your partner wants to get into some kinky talk.

What's Your Favorite Thing About My Body?
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If you know what part of your body turns your partner on most, it might give you a little confidence boost, and turn you on as a result. Sometimes, just knowing why someone finds you sexy can make you feel even sexier, and feeling yourself key to great sex.

The one-year mark is a major milestone, and you and your partner should be totally stoked about that. But as things get more serious and you get into more of a routine, having the sex talk is an excellent way to keep the spark alive. And who knows — if you ask your partner these questions about sex before your first anniversary, it might spice things up and make your one-year celebration that much better!