5 Subtle Ways Your Sex Life Changes When You Move Off-Campus

by Jamie Kravitz

Leaving home for college is a huge step toward becoming an adult. This time serves as a transitional period between living at home and truly living on your own. You're given a lot of freedom in the dorms, but staying on campus does have its downsides. You don't have to worry about sneaking your hookup partner past your parents, but you do have to deal with establishing boundaries with your roommate. You'll likely still have roommates when you leave the dorms (rent isn't cheap, y'all), but there are subtle ways that your sex life changes when you move off campus.

Whether you're renting a house with friends from school or you managed to snag a solo studio apartment, moving off campus has a number of advantages, as well as a few changes that might take some getting used to. With great power comes great responsibility, and while you're probably not saving the world, signing a lease means you have a new set of responsibilities to go with your newfound freedom.

From complementary toilet paper to multiple late night dining options, there are likely some aspects of dorm living that you took for granted. Then again, the ease of bringing a date back to your apartment might make having to buy your own TP worth it. Here are five ways that your college sex life changes when you move off campus.

You no longer have to sign people in and out of your dorm.
Stocksy/Trent Lanz

Perhaps the worst part of living on campus is having to sign guests in and out of your dorm. These strict guest policies are in place to keep you safe in your residence hall, but they can feel a little extra when you're just trying to hook up with someone who doesn't go to your school. When you move off campus, you can invite whoever you'd like up to your room. Because it's on you to keep yourself safe, make sure you only let people in who you know and trust.

You're responsible for stocking up on the necessities.
Stocksy/Guille Faingold

If your date uses the bathroom and there's no toilet paper or soap, that's going to reflect poorly on you. When you live in an apartment or house off campus, you have to make sure your space is clean and livable, and that you've always got the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom stocked with necessary items. This includes sexual health items like condoms and lube — you may no longer have the luxury of popping in to your campus health center a few minutes before your FWB arrives.

You may have to travel farther for a hookup.
Stocksy/Lauren Naefe

Speaking of, know that your FWB may not live on your floor anymore. You might have been comfortable padding down the hall in slippers and sweatpants for some late night lovin' before, but chances are you now have to make more of an effort to commute to someone you're hooking up with. This might sound like a silly thing to worry about, but just think about how nice it is in the winter when you don't even have to leave the building to cuddle and have sex.

You don't have to deal with dorm beds.
Stocksy/Victor Deschamps

Maybe you're still on a twin mattress, but whatever you're sleeping on now is probably 100 times better than your dorm twin XL was. You can actually try sex moves other than missionary, without the fear of falling off the bed or making too much noise against the paper thin walls. Plus, unless you like it that way, your new bed is probably not ridiculously high off the ground like many college-style beds tend to be.

You have more privacy.
Stocksy/Milles Studio

Overall, the best way that moving off campus impacts your sex life is by giving you more privacy. You don't have to worry about judgmental RAs, scheduling your hookups around your roommate's schedule, or doing a walk of shame across the residence hall. Even if you still have roommates, the relaxed nature of off-campus living means you can have better sex, and more of it.

Moving off campus is an important step in general, but it can also open up your hookup options. Say goodbye to dormcest and dorm sex, and say hello to off-campus life.

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