7 Photos Of DIY Wedding Decor That Will Bring Out Your Inner Artist

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There’s something innately charming about DIY wedding decor. Naturally, one of the primary perks of crafting your own decorations is that you can save some serious money. But one of the other benefits is that these handcrafted pieces can also add personal touches to your big day. After all, you (and perhaps your loved ones) made them with love. And as you can see while peeling through photos of DIY wedding decor, you can also customize every detail of these items to make them suit your personal style, from the colors of the ribbons to the shape of the vases and the font on the printed designs.

I’ll admit it: I didn’t have a true appreciation for DIY wedding decor until I attended a reception myself that incorporated some of these unique elements. When my BFF tied the knot last summer, she was on a pretty tight budget after an expensive move from Chicago back to Boston — but luckily, she happens to be crafty AF. So, she spent a few hours (OK, many hours) scouring Pinterest until she found some items that matched the vintage romance vibe she was looking for. And boy, did she nail it. From the tablecloths made out of 1940s floral linens to the uniquely personalized place cards, every single thoughtful detail made it a stunning affair.

Whether you’re looking for some decor inspiration so you can stick to your own budget, or are simply seeking some aesthetically pleasing works of art to admire, here are some jaw-dropping DIY wedding decor ideas that are sure to make you ooh and ahh.

Paper Posies
Liliya Rodnikova/Stocksy

What’s a wedding without flowers? With paper or cloth posies, you don’t have to stress about the petals wilting. Plus, you can save them as souvenirs for years to come — and even reuse them at future shindigs.

Paper flowers are also super versatile — consider incorporating them into centerpieces, bouquets, flower crowns for the bridal party, or place settings. And since you can find a slew of printable templates online with step-by-step instructions, you’re bound to find a blossom that suits your fancy. This crepe white gardenia is oh so elegant, and works equally well for a summer or winter wedding.

Nature-Inspired Napkin Rings
Ali Harper/Stocksy

Add a pop of greenery to plain white napkins with some nature-inspired rings. All you need is some floral wire and fresh herbs (or leaves) to wrap around the cloth, and your table settings will have some instant visual intrigue. For a winter wedding, consider pine instead. Bonus: whether you use herbs or pine, your napkins will smell heavenly. You can also cut leaves out of leather, canvas, or other material instead if you don’t want to hunt around for the real thing.

Hanging Mason Jar Vases

DIY old empty bottles can be used for event decoration as a flowers vases hand from bars


Who says flowers have to be set on the table? These hanging vases add an enchanting touch to an outdoor spring or summer wedding and can be hung with twine anywhere from the edge of the seating rows to a clothesline at the reception entrance or along the top of the ceremony arch. You can mix and match mason jars with other shaped bottles for a more eclectic look, and tailor the blossoms to the color palette of your big day.

Candle Garland
Gillian Vann/Stocksy

Candles are obviously a super common choice of decor for the reception tables, but you can jazz them up a bit with some DIY decorations. Take this whimsical garland, for example, which is wrapped around the candle using wire. Whether you include metal leaves, vines, pearls, or flowers, your candle centerpiece is sure to draw some attention from guests.

Mr. & Mrs. Banner
Leah Flores/Stocksy

Everyone loves a “Mr. and Mrs.” banner — it sheds a spotlight on the newly married couple, and marks their special seating so that attendees know where to find them and congratulate them. This DIY version is super easy to make — all you need to do is print or paint cloth triangles and some twine or ribbon to string the triangles together. From the font and the ink color to the pattern of the cloth, this is one craft that you can easily customize to suit the theme of your wedding.

"I Do" Arch

Wedding boho decorated photozone


While you and your boo are saying your vows, a DIY arch can provide a stunning frame that makes for phenomenal photos. This one utilizes rustic wooden poles and paper pinwheels for a playful combination, and the other decorations on each side infuse even more romance into the aesthetic.

Tree Stump Table Numbers

Hand Made Wedding Decoration, flowers, wood


Help guests find their tables with these chic little woodland-inspired table numbers. A slice of a tree stump provides the base, while miniature bottles filled with baby’s breath flowers infuse a feminine flair into the arrangement. After wrapping some twine around the largest bottle, you can paint the table number over it. Or, you can paint directly onto the bottle — just be sure to use a color that stands out against glass.

There are so many reasons to embrace the idea of a DIY wedding. For one, the less you spend on your ceremony and reception, the more you can shell out for an incredible honeymoon (or building your first home together). And on top of that, when Aunt Linda asks where you got those amazing candelabras, you’ll have the sweet satisfaction of humblebragging about how you made them with your own two hands (NBD).

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