When PMS Tries To Ruin Your Week, These 7 Subscription Boxes Will Make You Feel Better
by Julia Guerra

Have you noticed that, any time a woman refers to “that time of the month,” it’s usually, if not always, laced with a negative connotation? Trust me, I know firsthand just how much of a literal pain your period can be. Between menstrual cramping, monstrous cravings, insomnia, and irritability, not every period is quite the picnic all those tampon commercials would like you to believe. Luckily, there are such things as period subscription boxes to take your sad, menstrual song, and make it better.

Sure, money can’t buy you happiness, but it can purchase a few items wrapped up in pretty packaging to make your time of the month a little less melancholy. I don’t mean to get all hippie-dippy on you guys, but the female reproductive system really is a miracle within itself. Instead of loathing Mother Nature’s pit stop at your uterus once a month, it'd probably be easier on you to accept your period for what it is, and find ways to cope that actually make you feel better.

Let’s face it, gulping down a few Midol pills every few hours doesn’t exactly sound glamorous. But receiving a brightly decorated present at your doorstep every month, chock-full of both the bare necessities and some sweet treats to top ‘em all off? Now that sounds pretty fabulous to me. So, rather than resenting your period, try treating your period instead, with any of the following subscription boxes that have "special delivery" written all over your cycle.

Moon Cycle Bakery
mooncyclebakery on Instagram

Moon Cycle Bakery Box, from $5 per month, Moon Cycle Bakery

To be frank, period cravings can be, well, a little irrational at times. Does your body really need that double bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries doused in grease? No, it doesn't, and to tell you the truth, gorging on these types of meals hurts your period more than it helps, which is exactly where Moon Cycle Bakery comes in.

Founder of MCB Devon Porrino Loftus's goal is not only to provide you with delicious treats that squash PMS cravings in a healthy, yet decadent way, but to also help you understand why your body desires these tastes in the first place.

Take chocolate, for example. According to Porrino, research shows that, during a woman's luteal phase, in which the hormone progesterone rises, and the uterus lining thickens, the resulting dip in your body's supply of magnesium is likely what's causing that chocolate craving.

"Cacao is high in magnesium, so eating chocolate that is about 70 to 80 percent cacao and includes little to no refined sugar can help to alleviate these symptoms," Porrino tells Elite Daily.

MCB treats, like the sweet potato brownies and chocolate cups, are made with cacao for exactly that reason: to satisfy your sweet tooth and your body's need for replenishment.

DAO Labs Women's Monthly Kit
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My DAO Labs Women's Monthly Kit, from $33.85 per box, My DAO Labs

I know myself, and when it comes to my period, I muddle through the PMS and primarily focus on taking care of my body like a fragile child. It's important to go that extra mile to soothe your body during menstruation, but keep in mind, your body deserves the same tender love and care both before and after you bleed.

DAO is a monthly kit comprised of 18 packets of ancient Asian herbal formulas, "with a modern twist." The goal is simple, according to the product's description: to "significantly improve" your month as a whole.

The kit includes DAO's Emotional Balance dust, which is a blend of eight herbs with apple and cucumber flavoring, and should be taken before your period starts, to help reduce symptoms like stress, mood swings, irritability, and fatigue, according to My DAO Labs' website. Women's Formula, a product made with raspberry and pepper, is a six- to seven-day recovery blend that, per the DAO website, should be taken after menstruation to encourage balance going into your next cycle.

The Period Store
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The Period Store Package, from $15 per month, The Period Store

Personally, I don't make a monthly trip to CVS to stock up on feminine products for the month, and this is a) because my flow isn't normally heavy enough for me to breeze through 30 tampons per cycle, and b) Mama always taught me to buy in bulk. However, some women do need to pencil in a trip every four weeks or so to load up on essentials, and that's where The Period Store comes in clutch.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "one-stop shop?" Well, The Period Store is just that. The online hub carries all the essentials, from pads to tampons, panty liners to cups, and even stain removal sprays, among other feminine essentials. Pick what you need, bypass what you don't, and check out.

Pink Parcel
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Pink Parcel Period Subscription Box, from $19.99 per month, Pink Parcel

Is there anything better than when our friends across the pond share the love? Pink Parcel is UK's top-tier period subscription box. Aside from making a name for itself with groundbreaking campaigns, such as the brand's "I'm On" ad featuring a transgender man, Pink Parcel is now blessing the U.S. with period essentials you didn't even know you needed in your life.

Here's how it works: For only $20 per month (at the minimum), you get five liners, five night pads, and any additional essentials you want to choose from the site, including beauty and lifestyle products, and even tasty snacks. The best part is, there are no contracts here, and no dotted lines to sign, so if you want out, you can cancel at any time (but trust me, it won't get to that point).

The PMS Package
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The PMS Package Subscription Box, from $28.99 per month, The PMS Package

If you're the type of gal who expects a lot of bang for her buck, The PMS Package is the subscription service for you. I mean, just look at the box photographed above. That's pretty stocked, if I do say so myself.

Each package includes five snacks, two or three feminine essentials like pads and tampons (mind you, these are whole packages, not two or three individual pads or tampons), a to-go heating pad, as well as two or three self-care/beauty items, like bath bombs, face masks, and the like.

odeevacares on Instagram

Odeeva Subscription Box, from $3.99, Odeeva

Now, if you're not into all of the frills and extras that a lot of subscription boxes throw in to make the products seem super fancy, there's still a box for you. Enter: Odeeva.

Consider Odeeva's monthly service the foundation of femme products. You have a choice of liners, tampons, pads, and add-ons, like on-the-go heating pads, makeup removers, pregnancy tests, and even condoms. It's like a condensed, online convenience store, specifically for that time of the month, to make shopping for your period way more simple and affordable.

elleboxco on Instagram

ElleBoxCo, from $10.99 per month, CrateJoy

I fell in love with Ellebox after I skimmed through its description, because this monthly service is all about organic products at an affordable price. After all, you only have one vagina, so why shouldn't you use the best of the best items out there to sustain its health?

Plus, Ellebox offers a few different options: There's the essentials box, which sends over the bare necessities like tampons, pads, or both, if you like. The Comfort Box is a step up, like a premium offer, and is loaded with the same sort of feminine products (all of which, BTW, are 100 percent cotton and biodegradable), tea to sip, chocolate to munch, and a few surprise goodies to make the month extra special.

Who said periods had to be so stiff? If nothing else, these subscription boxes will make that time of the month something to look forward to.