7 Off-Beat Christmas Decorations That Will Leave You So Inspired

by Tessa Harvey

During the holiday season, many of us place a certain importance on decorating. The stores don't help matters — everywhere we look, we're reminded of just how beautiful Christmastime is and how our houses have to coordinate with the season. It's fun decking the halls out in glitz and glam, but when comparing your decorations to a friend's, it starts to feel like a competition for the year's Christmas best. Slowly but surely, decorating for Christmas may become less fun and more of a burden. How do we shake things up? By looking for the best off-beat Christmas decorations that will leave you inspired, of course.

While Christmas decorations can be jaw-dropping, beautiful, and envy-inducing, they aren't always. Sometimes, they're tacky, gaudy, loud, and hurt your eyes. But, that's the fun of it! I know I get caught up in making my place Christmas-perfect, but that's not really what the season is all about.

So, if you've been finding yourself like me, too caught up in all of the fancy and none of the fun, it's time to shake yourself out of it. These seven decorations are so hilarious that they just might inspire you to live your Christmas season out in a few more fun ways. After all, it's all in the lasting memories.

Only The Shiniest Beard Ornaments

16pc Beard Ornaments Christmas Beard Bells Santa Claus Beard Clip, $12, Amazon

You thought the beard decorating trend was going to end with glitter beards too, right? Oh how wrong we were.

Apparently, decorating beards with mini Christmas ornaments is now a thing, and the baubles come at a pretty cheap price on Amazon. Just in case any bearded guys in your life are feeling extra festive, these ornaments take home the gold.

A Very Punny Ornament

Funny T-Rex - I Love You This Much! Metal Ornament, $22, Zazzle

OK, maybe it's just me, but honestly, this one isn't too bad. It's super cute, and I imagine a kid with a dinosaur obsession would love this. Yeah, it's cheesy and kind of dorky, but what else do you want out of your decor to spice things up from the norm, people?

Maybe You Just Really, Really Like The Dentist

Tooth With Toothbrush Glass Ornament, $15, Bronner's

Best friends with your dentist? Or maybe you're a dentist? Sounds like this Bronner's ornament is your perfect match. I mean, who doesn't want a toothbrush-holding tooth cozied up in their Christmas tree? Am I right?

When That Nap Seriously Can't Come Soon Enough

Brown Recliner Chair Glass Ornament, $14, Bronner's

This ornament just makes me think of that relative everyone has who ends up falling asleep in the recliner at the family Christmas party, even before dinner's been served. I guess that's why it makes such a spectacularly weird and perfect Christmas ornament — it's relatable AF.

Because These Little Dudes Were Never Creepy

Purple Rainbow Heart Care Bear Ornament, $15, Bronner's

I may have loved my Care Bears as a child, but boy, I personally think those things are creepy AF now. Sorry, not sorry.

I still kind of think it would be fun to hide this around the house at Christmastime and have a scavenger hunt for it... as long as it's not under my pillow.

A Steampunk Reindeer Magnet

Rudolf Christmas Magnet | Reindeer Skeleton, $4+, Etsy

When in doubt, go for a magnet. You can't leave the refrigerator un-decorated! The science-y aspect of this decoration is priceless. I mean, what mom wouldn't want a skeleton of Rudolph on her fridge?

You've Never Seen A Happier Ornament Than This Poop Face

Funny Ornament Smiling Poop Ornament, $22, Etsy

We will never, ever live the poop emoji down. It's stuck with us forever, so it's probably about time we introduce it to the Christmas season, too. At least this little dude looks jolly AF.