7 Punny Christmas Ornaments That Make For Some Seriously Qualitree Decorations

By Caroline Burke

Once you're an adult, one of the things that sneaks up on you during the holidays is the issue of ornaments: You actually have to purchase your own to add to your Christmas tree, since you no longer live with your family and you don't have access to theirs anymore. It's not exactly a travesty, but still, it can suck to remember this task only a week before Christmas, and subsequently scramble to buy a bunch of ornaments you don't even like. The good news, though, is that if you look hard enough, you'll realize how many punny Christmas ornaments there are for you to adorn your tree with.

If you ask me, you can never have too many ornaments with funny wordplay on them, especially during the holidays, when things can get a little bit serious or stressful as you spend time with your family members. Considering what a year we've had, it makes sense that a political debate with your relatives might require a balancing out of chi with your holiday decorations.

So, instead of looking up fruitcake recipes, or trying to stitch together a handmade Christmas stocking, take the easy route for holiday cheer and check out these seven punny Christmas ornaments guaranteed to brighten your tree and your day.

Suck This (Candy Cane)
Knotwork Shop

KnotworkShop Funny Ornament, $12, Etsy

Perfect for the baseball lover in your life (because I'm personally convinced this is supposed to double for a baseball), or frankly, anyone who loves to win an argument by screaming those two lovely words.

Let's Get Lit

DesignsByELG Christmas Drinking Ornament, $11, Etsy

Get it? Because Christmas trees are inherently lit, and that's also what we call getting drunk these days! That's some top-notch wordplay right there. Although I would not suggest trying to get your tree actually lit. Stick with water, not vodka, under the tree, my friends.

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

Cupcakecardsandco Game of Thrones Ornament, $7, Etsy

Do you have a Game of Thrones fan in your life? At this point, GOT has become so ubiquitous that everyone can be in on this inside joke.

Besides, Jon Snow is so hot, that it's really a universal holiday greeting at this point.

Don't You Think You Otter Get This Ornament?

SweetPrinceGifts All of the Otter Reindeer Ornament, $12, Etsy

As far as I'm concerned, otters are universally recognized as the cutest animal on the planet, so it follows that they would provide the cutest pun ever, too.

The idea of a naughty or nice otter list honestly makes me want to scream. This ornament is perfect for your co-worker who loves cutesy things and shamelessly displays a poster of kittens playing instruments inside of her cubicle.

I Like This Ornament A Latke

FusionedFamily I Love You A Latke Ornament, $18, Etsy

The beauty of 2017 is this: It's totally normal and acceptable for families to celebrate multiple religions. So what better way to embody that inclusive spirit than to get a Hanukkah ornament for a Christmas tree? L'chaim!

Ho, Ho, Ho
Skulls N Mermaids

SKULLSnMERMAIDS I Do It For The Ho's Ornament, $10, Etsy

Red glitter, a Santa with sunglasses, and wordplay on "Ho ho ho" — what more could you ask for?

This ornament is perfect for the edgy Christmas tree, or to sneak into your parents' tree and see if they even notice.

We Wish You A Meowy Christmas

ChromaFling Personalized "Meowy Christmas" Heart Laser Engraved Crystal Ornament, $20, Etsy

You don't need a cat to find this ornament funny, but it probably helps.

Throwing a little animal wordplay into a festive Christmas celebration isn't exactly original, but there's a reason for clichés, right? They work, and there's no use fixing something that isn't broken.