7 Myths That Are Keeping You From Living Your Best Life At 21

Myths lurk everywhere. Why? Because people perpetuate them, and sometimes — even if they don't actually believe in them — they are too scared to do the opposite of what they say. It's crucial to know that myths aren't facts, and they can often steer people away from the life they really want. Certain myths that keep you from living your best life at 21 are told to you by your peers and the stuff you see on social media.

These myths may have originally stemmed from something truthful, but somewhere down the line, they were skewed. Remember when all of your friends decided to chant "Bloody Mary" three times in the bathroom mirror to prove a myth was real? Nothing happened, but then again, you did hightail it the second they turned off the lights, anyway.

All I'm saying is that myths don't really do anything besides keep you from living your life on your own terms. They're unjust and non-factual claims that can't even be traced back to a direct person for validity. Yeah, some myths might have been entertaining when you were a kid, but as an adult, they can put a halt on your plans. Ditching any of these seven myths that currently apply to your situation will be so worth it in the long run.

The Myth That You Don't Know Who You Are

This can go either way, but to be fair, it has to be mentioned. People assume because you're young, you don't have a grasp on who you are. Some of us don't, but many of us know exactly who we are. People discover themselves at different paces, and there's nothing in the rule book that says it can't happen well before you're 21.

The Myth That You Aren't Really An Adult Quite Yet

You might already be living in your own, paying rent, and making a lot of big girl decisions that directly affect your life. If that is not a big chunk of the definition of being an adult, then I don't know what is. People like to think being in your early 20s isn't really adulting, but boy could you prove them wrong.

The Myth That You Should Be Looking For "The One"

At this point, you might not even believe in the concept of "the one," and that's OK. Your romantic clock doesn't always have to point in the direction of what's expected. Your love life is going to unfold in whatever way it's meant to.

The Myth That You Should Be Drinking From This Point Forward

Drinking is not for everyone, but the second you turn 21, some people assume that it's all you should be doing. So, you skipped Vegas or Atlantic City for your 21st, and it's not a big deal. You're legally allowed to drink, but that doesn't mean you have to. Sip or don't sip, girl. It's completely your choice.

The Myth That You Should Be Following A 10-Year Plan

If you didn't have a plan when you turned 20, then the pressure is on from other people when you turn 21. The decade that is your 20s can hardly be planned for some of us. For the most part, you are still figuring things out. Coming up with and sticking to a 10-year plan is intimidating as heck, and who knows, you could end up going in a completely new direction.

The Myth That You Should Almost Be Done With College At This Point

Not everyone went straight to college after high school. That game plan is not meant for everyone. Some people waited until they truly knew what direction they wanted to go in. If you aren't about done with college at 21, don't stress it. You don't need to hold yourself to a general myth about how life is "supposed" to go.

The Myth That You Should Have It All Together

Yes, you are an adult, but not even veteran adults have all of their stuff together. Don't feed into the idea that you should have your dream job, own place, and a car under your belt by now. Getting things in order takes time, and you are going to wear yourself out trying to keep up with an unrealistic checklist.

Living your best life when you're 21 means you need to start listening to what you believe is real. That's all that matters, after all.