7 Mother's Day Gifts You'd Buy For Yourself, So Prepare To Get Two Of Everything

You and your mom are like two peas in a pod, so shopping for her is second nature. For Mother's Day, you want to give her something that proves you know her so well, and are blessed to have her in your life. If you two have the same taste, it won't be difficult finding Mother's Day gifts you'd buy for yourself that mom will fall in love with, too.

You know your mom like no one else. Just think about it — you're one of the only people (if not the only person) in the world who has heard her heartbeat from the inside. You want to show Mom that her beautiful soul and genuine nature is always appreciated. If you could give her everything her heart desires, you would, because she seriously deserves it.

You should celebrate your mom year-round, but on the day dedicated to Moms throughout the world, feel free to do it up. This means serenading her with so much love and one of these must-have gifts. You have free range on Mother's Day to surprise the heck out of your mom, which might bring on all the happy tears.

You can't deny how much you and your mom have similar taste, and you'd pick out any of these seven gifts for yourself, too.

A Rose Gold Watch

Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch, $135, Fossil

Make sure to tell the clerk to bag two of these. This watch is trendy AF, and you really can't pass on that beautiful rose gold hue. It looks like you and your mom will just have to be twins this Mother's Day.

A Fresh Pair Of Powder Blue Sneakers

MOBS Tread Low, $235, MOBS

If your mom is the cool mom of your friend crew, then these sneakers are meant for her. Have your heart set on a pair of these babies, too? They're available in seven different colors, so you don't have to be exactly twinning with Mom. A pair of skinny jeans and a retro pair of sunnies will totally complete the look.

A Trio Of Fenty Beauty Match Sticks

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Match Stix Trio, $54, Sephora

Did your mom teach you everything you know about makeup? Well, amp up her technique with these amazing matte and shimmer skin sticks by Riri herself. These shimmers are perfect for taking selfies in the summer sun, so grab a set for your makeup bag, too.

A Granite Tool For Her Dope Guacamole

Molcajete Spice Grinder, $19, Amazon

Does everyone flock to your house for Mom's guacamole? If that's the case, your day one will love this spice grinder, so she can further perfect her delicious guac. When she finally shares the recipe with you, you'll know exactly where to get this granite beauty.

A Moroccan-Inspired Yoga Mat
Yoga Outlet

Gaiam Moroccan Garden Printed Yoga Mat, $20, Yoga Outlet

Is your mom all about focusing the body and mind in yoga class these days? Give her something stylish to roll out before she works on her downward-facing dog. The blue and purple in this design really pop, so you might need to get a matching yoga bag.

An Enchanting Bed Canopy

Palace 4-Post Bed Sheer Panel Canopy, $50, JCPenney

Your mom deserves to wake up each morning feeling like the queen she is. Bed canopies are so relaxing and they add an elegant element to your sleep space. This burgundy color is so regal, but there are a few other colors to choose from, depending on the palette of Mom's bedroom.

A Black Tea Blending Kit
uncommon goods

Black Tea Blending Kit, $40, Uncommon Goods

Your mom and her morning tea game are about to get a serious upgrade with this kit. Mom will be able to blend her own black tea to her liking. Besides, you already know she's going to blend a soothing concoction for you to try as well. It's a win-win.

These items most likely prove how much you and your mama bear are alike. On Mother's Day, all she really wants to know is that you're still her baby.