These Millennial Pink Pool Floats Are The Only Accessory Your Instagram Needs This Summer

by Tessa Harvey
Urban Outfitters/Amazon

When you're a kid, heading to the pool or the beach is the best time ever. You looked forward to it for ages, and when you finally got to go, it never disappointed. The sun was shining, the water was sparkling, and you had beach and pool toys galore. Once you grew up, the beach and the pool didn't really lose their appeal — but you did stray away from the beach toys. This summer, though, that's all about to change. With these millennial pink pool floats, it's time to stop denying the kid in you, and say hellooooo to good times and summer vibes.

I'll be honest: I don't care how many times Pantone's Color of the Year changes, I'm not moving past millennial pink. It's my forever color of the year every year, mostly because it's the perfect shade of pink: subtle, just bright enough, calming, and just enough spunk to show your personality. I'll be listing off reasons why I'm obsessed with the color till I'm gray, I'm sure, but the bottom line is this: Pool floats are making a comeback, kids, and if there are any you should have your eye on this summer, it's these millennial pink floaties.

Whether you're headed to the beach or to the pool, a pool float is going to be your new best friend. These seven options are just the tip of the iceberg, but they're so cute, you're going to need them all for you summer Instas.

A Giant Bottle Of Rosé

Swimline Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle Floating Raft Mat, $32, Amazon

Did someone say rosé? 'Cause I'm down, of course. You seriously can't go wrong with this super cute bottle — er, pool float. No one will believe you actually bought it, it's that genius. And if you rope the girl gang in? There's nothing better than a squad rolling deep with some inflatable rosé bottles.

A Float That's As Sweet As You Are

BigMouth Inc Giant Strawberry Frosted Donut Pool Float, $20, Target

I'll be real with you: Technically, there's only a tiny bit of millennial pink to be found on this pool float, but it was too cute to leave out of this roundup. Besides, fads come and go, but we all know that donuts are here to stay (and float).

You'll Be Feeling The Love

HeySplash Inflatable Swim Rings, 47.3" x 39.4" Heart Shaped Swimming Pool Float Loungers Tub, $16, Amazon

How cute is this millennial pink swim float? I'm feeling all the love — for this float especially. I can imagine it now: paired with a white swimsuit, this makes the perfect picture.

Since When Has Ice Cream Ever Steered You Wrong?
Urban Outfitters

Ice Cream Cone Pool Float, $20, Urban Outfitters

No one's ever turned down a good ice cream cone, and this is one doesn't break that rule. It's my favorite on this list, and at just $20, it's affordable enough to justify for my summer essentials shopping list.

Because Unicorns Were Meant To Be Pink

2018 New design Inflatable Pink Unicorn Pool Float, $37, Amazon

I mean, if you're going to go pink, you might as well get a unicorn involved, right? It only makes sense. This float reminds me of My Little Pony... and I don't hate it.

Who Doesn't Need A Giant Seashell In Their Life?

Giant Fun Inflatable Seashell Pool Floats for Adults, $66, Amazon

This float is pricey, but it makes up for it in size and on the cute ratio. You'll be sitting pretty all afternoon long. The absolute best part? It has cupholders for your drinks!

These Lips Were Made For Pool Floating

Lips Pool Floats Inflatable Rafts - Lounger Floatie Ride On Rideable Blow Up Summer Fun Pool Toy for Kids & Adults, $26, Amazon

Did I already pick my favorite? Darn. These pink floating lips are a flawless beach accessory. They're fun, they'll keep you dry in the water — what else do you need in a pool float, really? I'm counting down the days until I can break this out.