If You Love Wine, You Definitely Need These Pool Floats For Summer

Urban Outfitters/Amazon

If a wino could envision the perfect public service announcement, it would likely include free samples of rosé and an opportunity to showcase their love of wine at the pool. Well, I come bearing very good news to the wine lovers of the world. Wine pool floats are a thing, and they need to make it into your summertime fun this year. For real, though, any of these picks deserve an invite to your summer bash.

Pool floats have been around forever, but their updated shapes and designs are what make them so incredibly dope. Yes, many of us have outgrown the bright yellow floaties we used during swimming lessons as kids. Now, we've advanced to making floaties a total fashion statement, and the 'Gram is so ready for our summery pics.

You will literally be the talk of every pool party you end up at this summer with one of these. Don't be fooled, though. Some of these are only gigantic depictions of your favorite bottles. Attempting to take a sip won't have you enjoying a tasty cabernet. Save that energy for blowing these babies up, and sip on a refreshing glass later.

Are you ready to rock the rosé look from head-to-toe in those warmer temps? You'll be so ready to take on the season with these super awesome wine-related floats this year.

Float On Rosé, Literally
Urban Outfitters

Rosé Bottle Pool Float, $28, Urban Outfitters

You can never go wrong with some rosé, and that obviously applies to the pool float category, too. If you have a millennial pink bathing suit, you'll pull off the best pictures ever. Let this bottle photobomb as many of your selfies as it wants.

Sip Your Hearts Out, Red Wine Lovers

Coconut Float's Bottle of Wine Pool Raft, $30, Amazon

Float on to relaxing times, cabernet lovers. You might want to wait until you get to where you need to be before you blow this gem up. It's not the smallest, and only in your liquid dreams could you imagine a bottle this gigantic.

Of Course, You Can't Forget Your Glass
Google Express

Swimline Inflatable Glass of Red Wine Swimming Pool Float, $27, Amazon

This cup is definitely in the ballpark of what the perfect pour should look like, am I right or am I right? With a red wine-colored monokini and stellar sunglasses to match, you'll be floating into the weekend like a total pro.

This Strawberry Is Totally Ready For Sangria Time
Nordstrom Rack

Nobia Strawberry Pool Float, $20, Nordstrom Rack

Calling all of my party people who seriously cannot get enough of strawberry sangria throughout the summer months. This strawberry pool float is so adorable, and it truly understands your passionate need for enjoying a glass of sangria while basking in the sun. Seriously though, if you can actually manage to get your hands on a glass of sangria while floating on this, you better get that camera out.

Your Actual Wine Glass Can Join The Pool Party, Too

Floating Wine Glass, $18, Etsy

You aren't dreaming. This wine glass might not be able to let you float on it, but it'll let your wine float in the pool so that it'll always be conveniently located by your side. Just make sure no one's splashing will interfere with your drink's state of serenity. Nothing's worse than a ruined glass of wine on such a beautiful day.

Pop The Champagne, Since You Waited So Patiently

Inflatable Champagne Bottle Pool Float, $61, Ebay

Even if you're sporting a cute swimsuit instead of a glamorous gown, you can never go wrong with a bottle of champagne. Float on with your fancy self, and keep that pinky up while you're in the pool. Your social media is going to be so bubbly.

Winos, there's a high chance you will find a pool float that speaks to you and your wine-loving-self. Making the most of these upcoming warm days with any of these awesome floats.