These Pool Floats For Drinks Are The Perfect Way To Keep Your Rosé Close At All Times

For those of us who are 21 and up, enjoying a drink poolside in the summertime is relaxing as heck. In between sips, you peak over the top of your sunglasses and thank goodness for the simplicity of it all. You'll want to snag some pool floaties for drinks so that you and your girls can switch between laying out, sipping, and taking a dip with ease. Shaken, stirred, or poured over ice? How about all of the above and floating on water?

Pool floaties of any form will never lose their appeal. You're floating on water, damn it, and your drink can be in that summertime state of mind, too. Let's face it — it's sort of a drag having to get in and out of the pool to stay hydrated or sip your margarita. When your drink is within arm's reach, those lazy days in the pool will have you chanting all types of relaxing mantras.

You and your ladies have been waiting several grueling months to be out in the sun, so you might as well do it up. Little affordable accessories like pool floaties for drinks will seriously upgrade your pool lounging. So, if you're ready to sip and serenade yourself in a little piece of semi-luxury this summer, get your hands on any of these pool floaties for drinks.

Flamingos Are Always Worthy Of The 'Gram

GoFloats Inflatable Floatmingo Drink Holder, $10, Amazon

Flamingos were basically made for pool floats and blessing your social media accounts. There's something about that bubble gum pink that looks so awesome under the sun. You might even want to get the full-size flamingo float to match, because there's no such thing as too many flamingos.

Seashells For Your Little Piece Of The Beach
Urban Outfitters

Shell Cup Holder Pool Float Set, $2, Urban Outfitters

Reminiscence about memories made at the beach is essential during the warmer months. These cute little seashells will make sure you always have a piece of the beach with you, and they'll also make any sangria or day drink look even more appealing. You might not be riding the waves, but you're surfing towards good times.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, A Drink Awaits You
Party City

Rainbow Drink Floats 3ct, $5, Party City

Rainbows are the most magical things ever, and you instantly feel happy when you see them. Now, you can literally taste the rainbow when you place your favorite beverage in one of these babies. Good vibes are on their way.

It's All In The Fruit

BIGMOUTH INC. Inflatable Beverage Boats, $10, Tilly's

Put a twist on how you enjoy watermelons, pineapples, and limes during those warmer months. Your healthy serving of fruit can float right beside you these days. You don't even have to worry about the seeds.

Be Your Own Unicorn

GoFloats Inflatable Unicorn Drink Holder, $10, Amazon

Get those majestic feels flowing with these adorable unicorn drink floaties. Don't worry — that horn won't poke a hole in your style or deflate the mood. Unicorns are unique, and the time with your friends should be, too.

Your Drink Will Find Shade Under This Palm Tree

Inflatable Floating Palm Tree Drink Holders, $7, Ebay

Palm trees can now shade your drinks and hopefully prolong the melting of those ice cubes. Also, a snap of this is going to light up your feed and will have everyone wondering where you got this little trinket from. Palm trees basically mean shade for days.

Slay That Sloth Life
Urban Outfitters

Sloth Drink Holder Pool Float Set, $20, Urban Outfitters

If you want those summer days to seemingly go in slow motion, embody the sloth life. Their moments are practically everlasting because they go through the motions slower than molasses. You might not be able to hit the pause button on those good times, but you oughta enjoy them and soak up every second.

Put A Ring On It

Personalized Diamond Ring Drink Float, $8, Etsy

Planning a bachelorette party this summer? Let your bride have a thematic place to put her drink when you're floating in the pool at that all-inclusive resort. You and the bride tribe can grab a few for yourself as well.

Pool floaties are going to take your summer days to the next level. You and your girls are going to have so much fun whipping them out any chance you can get.