7 Matching Couple PJs To Wear Together This Winter (Even If It's Just For The 'Gram)

by Jamie Kravitz

To be honest, during the winter I spend most of my time in pajamas. I mean it's cold and I want to feel cuddly — what's wrong with that? At this point, I probably have more PJ sets than I do work-appropriate outfits. Nothing makes me happier than settling in to watch Grey's Anatomy in a big t-shirt and fuzzy pants. If you and your partner spend half as much time in your PJs as I do, you're going to need a quality set (or two). These matching couple pajamas are ideal for winter snuggles and cute posts on social media (#relationshipgoals). Whether you want cozy pajamas you can wear all season long, or you prefer a special set for Valentine's Day, I've got you.

Matching couple pajamas might feel cheesy to you or your SO, but isn't that the point? If your partner needs some convincing, consider giving their half of the set to them as a V-Day gift. That way, they're pretty much obligated to wear them with you, at least for that one night. And hopefully they'll be so comfortable that your partner will want to wear them to bed with you from then on. Make matching PJs an annual Valentine's Day tradition, or rock them throughout the winter. Whatever your style as a couple, there's an option here for you.

1. Netflix & Chill Sweatshirts

Whether you're friends with benefits or a committed couple with a sense of humor, these sweatshirts guarantee both comfort and good times. The hardest part will be deciding who gets to wear which word, but hopefully that argument ends in makeup sex.

2. Harry Potter PJ Set

Are you and your partner obsessed with Harry Potter? Even after all this time? If your answer was "always," then you need to Accio! these matching PJs. The adorable Quidditch puns will never go out of style — the matching shirt reads, "She's a catch."

3. Embroidered Robes

If you're more of the t-shirt and no pants, boxers and no shirt kind of couple, consider investing in personalized fleece robes. You'll throw these on for breakfast in the morning and end up lounging in them all day.

4. Cozy Flannel PJs

These classic PJs are perfect for the couple that loves to look their best, even when it's time for bed. Put these on and tie your hair in a high ponytail for a look that feels effortlessly put together.

5. Satin Heart PJ Pants

Satin is sexy, and hearts are sweet. Together, they make the ideal Valentine's Day gift. These pajama pants are not only cute, but they're a present that you and your partner can actually get some use out of.

6. Cotton Long-Sleeve PJs

Another classy option, these cotton pajamas will keep you warm and keep you looking good. The button-up style is timeless, as are the pink and blue hues. Did someone say adult sleepover?

7. Footie Pajamas

Bring the footie pajama trend back in 2018 with these heart-covered, no-slip footie PJs complete with bonus roomy pockets. And if you really want to heat up, they come off with just one zip (wink, wink).

When the awful winter weather leaves you stuck inside, you and your partner can keep warm with any of these PJ sets. Put on a movie and cuddle under the blankets, make hot chocolate, or just make out on the couch. After all, nothing says, "I love you" like a pair of matching pajamas.

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