7 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas If You're Broke, Single, & With Your BFF

In case you aren't bombarded with enough e-mail promotions and Twitter trends, allow me to remind you: Valentine's Day is tomorrow! For all you single pringles like me who don't have a full day of plans quite figured out in between school or work, I've thought through a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas with your best friend.

This holiday doesn't need to be spent with someone romantic, and can be just as fun in the company of your best friend. And the best part is they're gonna be down to do something cheap and chill, because they're prob just as broke as you are!

Go See Fifty Shades Freed

You saw the first and second one on Valentine's Day, why not keep the tradition going with the third? I for one am doing this with my BFF Andrea and we're likely going hard with the popcorn and candy (as your friendly local vegetarian, I will be bringing nutritional yeast to sprinkle on top the popcorn). As for the movie, if the trailer hasn't sold you on it — "You may call me Mrs. Grey!" is at least seared into your brain, don't lie — the soundtrack is at least v solid.

Chill In Your Fave Dive Bar

Cheap drinks, pool, and darts all sound like a blast with your best friend, so cherish the real love story here and celebrate each other while shotgunning beers. An added bonus is pretending your ex's face is your target. Just saying. Not judging.

Nosh On A Meal You Love

I'm a big fan of bagels. I'm planning to pick up my number-one bagel before work tomorrow morning: whole-wheat everything with egg, cheddar cheese, and avocado – from Tompkins Square Bagels, for you New York ladies. I'm planning on either going with Andrea or FaceTiming my parents while I eat. Family members can be besties too!

Hang Out At A Dog Park

OK, yes, you may not be allowed to go inside the dog park sans furry friend, but sitting on a bench for a while where you can watch the doggos play is totally fine. This idea is free and sure to make you and your BFF believe in real love again. At least, the love between a human and her best friend.

Play Dress-Up and Have A Photo Shoot

Borrow each other's clothes (if you're the same size), do each other's makeup and hair, and snap away. You'll feel a surge of self-confidence from seeing yourself through your friend's iPhone or DSLR lens, and you'll have magazine-quality photos to post on Instagram. Win-win.

Have A Good Ole-Fashioned Slumbie

As someone who loves sleeping, and does it quite often when hanging with friends (and even once on a date — whoops!), consider throwing an impromptu party this Valentine's Day. A slumber party, or what my friends and I call it, a "slumbie." Queue up the Netflix movies you've been eying, wear your most cozy jammies, and slumbie away.

Vine Compilations And Chill

Can I make this the new Netflix and Chill ~for friends~? Please? Andrea and I often sit on her couch and watch Vine compilations while both of us are simultaneously scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. I highly recommend this activity, 10/10. Usually we both end in hysterics from impersonating the Vines.

So however you want to spend your budget-friendly Valentine's Day with your BFF — by digging into bagels together or admiring dogs from afar — you're together, and that's all that really matters.

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