7 Last-Minute Things To Do On St. Patrick's Day If You Still Want To Party

Surprise! St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner on Saturday, March 17. If you've been busy balancing your hectic work schedule with your social life, you might have forgotten to make some epic plans in the name of the holiday. Don't worry, because I have you covered with some last-minute things to do on St. Patrick's Day. Any of these ideas are absolutely perfect for the lazy gal and her crew who want to throw something together on the fly. These last-minute ideas are also right up your alley if you don't want to host something super extravagant at your apartment.

As long as you remember to wear something green — so no one pinches you — I have your back planning out the rest of the festivities for the day. When you don't think you have the energy or time to throw something together, I'm here to tell you, "Yes, you lepreCHAUN." Your friends will have a shamrockin' good time with any of these seven St. Patrick's Day plans — and no one will know you put minimal effort into the whole thing. You get to embrace the lazy vibes and still have fun. That's just the luck of the Irish, and I'm Irishing you a Happy St. Pat's Day.

Have A Girls' Day At The St. Patrick's Day Parade

Get your girls together to parade around town. Don't forget to rock your green beads and glittery bow. If you live in or close to New York City, it's essential to stop by the St. Patrick's Day parade first. Then, choose a fun pub nearby to grab food and toast some brews.

Pub Crawl Around Town With Your Crew

When in doubt, pub crawl it out. If you're feeling super motivated, keep the party going after the parade and bar hop with your friends — if you're 21 and up, of course. Scope out the best joints around town. Don't forget to order a round of Guinness, or maybe, they'll be serving up some green beer. These Instagram snaps will definitely make your followers green with envy!

Make Green Cocktails At Home With The Girls

If going out on St. Pat's Day seems too overwhelming, have a girls' night in. Get festive and try your hand at a few green cocktail recipes. I don't know about you, but I'm really digging a minty grasshopper drink to celebrate the day — it sounds super refreshing.

No matter what cocktails you choose, don't forget to snap a squad pic with your green creations. You know Instagram wants to see that.

Get Creative With A Baileys Baking Party

TBH, I love Baileys more than anything — so you know I'm going to try and fit this tasty Irish Cream liqueur into my St. Patrick's Day plans. If you're in the same boat as me, there are a ton of dessert recipes on YouTube that utilize Baileys — from parfaits to brownies.

Try out all of the recipes your heart desires by having a Baileys baking party with your friends. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee with Baileys to top it off while you're making your masterpieces.

Have A Cozy Movie Marathon At Home

A cozy movie night is always a good idea. It's the perfect plan for anyone who had a crazy stressful week, and doesn't really want to go out.

Invite your besties over for a movie marathon of some Irish classics. Leap Year starring Amy Adams is on Netflix right now, and is a great choice if you're in the mood for a rom-com. And of course, you cannot forget The Luck of the Irish if you're a Disney fan.

Organize A Competitive Game Night With Your Whole Squad

Besides making Baileys chocolate treats, there's nothing better than putting together a game night with friends. If you and your crew love a little bit of friendly competition, this is the game plan for you. Take some of the classic favorites, like charades and Pictionary, and put a St. Pat's Day spin on them.

Enjoy A Traditional Irish Feast

Irish cuisine is really good. I mean, anything that involves a lot of potatoes is fine by me. You and your friends can go out to a nice restaurant that's serving up some of the favorites, like shepherd's pie, Irish soda bread, and bacon and cabbage.

If you want to stay in your PJs all day long, there are some awesome beef stew slow cooker recipes you can make in the comforts of your kitchen. You literally just have to combine all of the ingredients in the pot, and it cooks for you. It's a lazy gal's dream come true.