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These Last-Minute DIY Easter Basket Ideas Are So Easy & Insta-Worthy

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Easter will be here before you know it. If you and your roomies or partner plan on celebrating the day with an Easter basket exchange, it's time to get started on putting yours together. To save some time and money, you might want to check out these last-minute DIY Easter basket ideas from TikTok. From delicious recipes to genius hacks, TikTok is full of good ideas and that includes DIYs.

Scrolling through the #EasterBasketIdeas tag, you'll find tons of great tips on how to put together some Insta-worthy baskets using items you either already have around the house or can easily get at a craft store. Don't worry, these seven Easter basket ideas are great for adult baskets, but you can also use them if you're putting something together for your niece or nephew. Once you have the overall basket done, the real fun begins — aka when you get to put in all the goodies like chocolate bunnies.

Get the basket part out of the way by checking out these Easter basket ideas on TikTok. Once you're inspired, plan a fun DIY night with wine (if you're 21 and up) to get your craft on while watching a springtime movie. It'll be the perfect way to get into the Easter mood.

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An Edible Candy Basket

If you happen to know your bestie's go-to movie theater candy, get four boxes of it from the store. Hot glue them together in a square shape on top of a foam board. That way, you have a quick and easy candy box basket, like this one from TikToker @stilettosandsincity, that you can fill up with colorful Easter grass and more candy.

Decoupage Easter Eggs

One way to make your Easter basket extra Insta-worthy is to make sure it's completely full of fun goodies. Fill in those blank spaces with some gorgeous Easter eggs. Colorful plastic ones are fine, but these decoupage Easter eggs look classy AF. All you need to do is take some cocktail napkins ($6, Target) and wrap them around plastic eggs ($11, Amazon) with clear glue. It's that simple for something that looks designer.

A Stenciled Wicker Basket

Upgrade a simple wicker basket into something adorable by using a little paint and a bunny stencil. Follow TikToker Kayla McIntosh (@kaylascricutcreations) by taking a plain Easter basket ($12, Michaels) from the store and painting a simple bunny design on it. If you want to take it a step further, make a homemade bunny tail using a pom-pom maker ($7, Jo-Ann) and white yarn ($3, Jo-Ann) to glue onto the basket as well.

A Floral String Egg

This string egg idea from TikToker Eunique Skepple (@euniquest.claire) is eggs-quisite. Recreate it by gluing some string ($3, Michaels) around a blown-up balloon ($3, Party City) to create a string egg, but leave a hole. Glue some fake flowers ($3, Michaels) around the edge of the hole. Once everything is dry, pop the balloon. That way, you're left with a gorgeous flower-covered string egg with an opening for you to place all the goodies in.

An Adorable Bunny Basket

Turn a plain basket into an adorable bunny by following this tutorial from TikToker Calynn Rosano (@brynnnora). Cut out some bunny ears from a cardboard box you haven't recycled yet, and wrap them with some white yarn. Glue that onto a plain wicker basket. While using a pom-pom maker and the same yarn, make a bunny tail to glue on as well. It's so cute that even after Easter, your friend will want to use it for storage.

A Plastic Egg Wreath

Those pastel-colored plastic eggs ($4, Party City) can be used for more than just filling up with candy. You can also glue them onto an Easter basket or a wreath like this one TikToker @louisianawoman1 made. You could use this Easter egg wreath to give your basket that extra bit of pizazz and support.

A Floral Centerpiece

While this tutorial shows you how to make an Easter-themed centerpiece, you can use this method from TikToker Maureen Hernandez (@aureehomedecor) to spice up your Easter basket as well. Take a bouquet of springtime flowers, like tulips ($2, Michaels), and place them in your basket with some colorful Easter eggs all around.

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