7 Super Quick, Homemade Couples' Costumes For The Cheap Couple Who Always Procrastinates

by Alison Segel

The best kind of costumes are last-minute, DIY couples' costumes that are fun to make, require a lot of creativity, but don't cost a lot of money. It's a great opportunity to think outside of the box and have fun with your partner designing something from scratch. While buying something elaborate online will undoubtedly make you look great, what are you gonna do with that outfit the other 364 days of the year? Unless you and your partner are really into Beauty and the Beast role-play (no kink shaming here), it seems like a waste of money to me.

Plus, making costumes with your SO is a bonding experience. It's like a spooky episode of MacGyver or the TV show Chopped, but instead, you end up with an outfit at the end. I also love forcing my boyfriends to craft with me. If you're going to make me watch sports sometimes, then let's make an outfit together out of pipe cleaners and this cardboard box I've been keeping in the kitchen since you ordered all that unnecessary sh*t on Amazon!

So here are seven super quick, homemade couples' costumes ideas for the couple who always procrastinates.

1. Tinder Matches

Did you and your significant other meet on a dating app? Then maybe you should be a literal dating app for Halloween. All you'll need is a large piece of cardboard, a string, some pens, and you're done.

Cut out a large square in a piece of cardboard, big enough for your head and shoulders to show. Then, fill out the remaining piece of the cardboard like your favorite dating app, with the option to swipe left or right. Whether it's Tinder or Bumble (or Hinge, Grindr, whatever your favorite might be), design it just like the interface of the way you and your significant other found love. Tie the string around the cardboard and hang it around your neck, so it stays there comfortably all night.

Just make sure, at the end of the night, you only end up going home together.

2. Mummies

A mummy costume is the oldest and easiest costume in the book. Plus, it's fun to make. All it requires is literally just some toilet paper. You and your partner can wrap yourself up head to toe and then head to the party in minutes. Then, at the end of the night, you can have some fun ripping your costumes off one another.

3. Zombies

Just be yourself, but dead! Wear your regular clothes, but then, accentuate the look with some fake blood and makeup. You can buy the ultimate Halloween makeup kit (which includes fake blood) on Amazon.

Here's a zombie makeup tutorial for some tips on how to make this costume look real AF:

At the end of the night, you can ask your partner to eat you (out). Sorry. That was gross.

4. Ghosts

Kevin Gilgan/Stocksy

Trying to find a couples Halloween costume in a pinch? Grab a sheet, poke holes in it for eyes, and throw it over your bodies! There! You're ghosts. If anyone asks, say you're from the movie Beetlejuice. No one can fight you on it.

5. Old People

Jovana Milanko/Stocksy

This is a cute costume idea, especially if you want to envision a future with your partner. To dress up as an old lady, wear a dress, stockings, a pearl necklace, glasses, and curlers in your hair. To dress up as an old man, high waisted pants, a button down shirt tucked in, suspenders, and a hat will do the trick. You can even buy some gray hair spray (or baby powder, if you have that lying around the house) to really pull off the costume.

6. Robots

If you have boxes and tinfoil hanging around the house, then this costume is super easy to make. Get a box, and cut holes in it for your head and arms. Then, cover said box in tinfoil (or just paint it silver), so that you look like a robot. Then, voila! You have robot costumes.

7. Waldo And Wenda

You and your partner can dress up as Waldo and Wenda for Halloween, but make sure you don't lose one another at any parties you go to. All this requires is a beanie, a red-striped sweater, and glasses (which can be made out of pipe cleaners, if glasses aren't available). If you don't already have a red and white-striped sweater and beanie, you can take any color beanie and sweater, and make them the correct colors using red and white duct tape. I can't promise this won't ruin your clothes, but hey, anything for Halloween, right? The costume is fun and interactive, and it's a great ice breaker. If you can't find your partner at a party, you can always scream, "WHERE'S WALDO?!" loudly. There's no doubt everyone at the party will stop and help you find Waldo.

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