7 Key Realities To Face Before The Ball Drops On New Year's Eve

Hey, 2018, is that you? The new year is so close, we can almost taste it, and by now you've already compiled a to-do list and changes you want to make. And because nothing in life is simple, there are some huge realities to face before the ball drops on New Year's Eve, so that we can really interpret what it means for us to enter a new year.

Yes, it's about to get a little deep, but there is symbolism and meaning in everything, as you already know. That's what makes this very life we are living so interesting and unique. You see, the New Year is going to be happening to all of us at the same time, which is kind of cool. Every individual though, is going to enter this new time differently.

And while one person's expectations and goals may be unrelated to the next person's, that doesn't mean that there aren't general umbrellas of understanding we should all have. We're all on various journeys and paths of life, but this change in time is one thing that unites us in a way. And with unity comes a common ground of understanding — and that means we should all really comprehend some honest AF realities before we start counting down.

Time Is But An Instrument

We oftentimes perceive time as something that is simply running out. While that's true, we need to start looking at it as something that we use. Time is seriously an instrument that we all need to use and acknowledge as a tool so we can play that thing called life.

We Change When We Want To

As much as New Year's Eve is a coined time for the ultimate self-makeover and self-growth, the truth is you're gonna do all that when you're ready. Those promises to yourself are only going to be fulfilled when you are 100 percent ready to dedicate yourself to them. The date on the calendar hardly has anything to do with it; it's just a good time to start.

The Past Is The Past

If there is anything you need to leave behind when entering a new time, it's the past. We can't change it, and technically you can bring it with you, but it's only going to do more harm than anything. Spill a little champagne out of your glass for your homie, the past, and move forward.

Tomorrow's Never Promised

OK, let's be real, we hear this all of the time, but it's because it's super true and important. Before you start welcoming a new year, you need to show tremendous gratitude to the idea that you're actually anticipating more time coming your way. Live it up with an emphasis on that live part.

Everything Doesn't Always Go According To Plan

Again, you may already have this upcoming year all mapped out, but don't anticipate staying on course the entire way. We might think we hold the reigns to everything that happens in our lives, but sometimes the universe has a way of steering us in a different direction. Just go with it.

You Can Always Draw Your Own Silver Lining

Even if the stars don't seem to be aligned how you envisioned them to be leading up to NYE, there's always room to be content with what the current situation is. Most things aren't permanent, and you can always find and make a silver lining out through any obstacle or frustration that heads your way. Accepting is the easy part.

Doubt Is A Disservice To Yourself

Leave doubt at 2017's doorstep. You have better things to do than to doubt yourself. You need to be your own cheerleader and pioneer the hell out of this new time that is still unwritten. Doubt isn't going to do anything besides keep you from maximizing your full potential, girl.

The new year is a time to aspire, but it's also a great opportunity to recollect. Seriously, don't step into the new year without facing those straightforward realities in your life.