7 Instagram-Perfect Moments All Best Friends Should Share In Their 20s

by Kristin Corpuz
Aleksandra Jankovic, Stocksy

You and your besties are inseparable. You do basically everything together — from getting your nails done, to celebrating birthdays and major holidays, and you even spend quality time with each others' families. It's clear you make irreplaceable memories together on the regular, which also means you document them all on the 'Gram. While you're down to take pictures pretty much all the time, there are definitely some perfect bucket list Instagram moments to share with your best friends in your 20s.

Let's be honest: Every moment spent with your crew could be considered Instagram-perfect. When you're together, you laugh until your bellies ache, and you build each other up so you walk with all the confidence in the world. (Shoutout to your besties who also always hype you up when you're taking your #plandid pics.)

Even though you already make incredible memories together, there are definitely more things you should experience together in this decade of your life. Everything from being in each others' weddings, to planning a magical Disney World vacay are special moments you need to share with each other when you're in your 20s. So, call up your crew and figure out how you can check these things off of your bucket lists ASAP.

A Road Trip
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Every group of friends needs a road trip for the books. There's something so exciting about rolling down the windows and blasting your favorite feel-good playlist, all while enjoying the company of your closest friends. If you only go a couple towns away, or decide to go all the way across the country, you and your crew will definitely have some moments that are worth documenting on the 'Gram.

An International Getaway
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Make it a point to plan an international trip with your besties. Even if it takes a while for all of you to save up enough money to book the getaway of your dreams, you and your pals deserve an unforgettable trip like this. Going on a vacation abroad with your friends will make you closer than ever before, and give you some memories that will last the rest of your life.

A Relaxing Beach Day

Let's be real: You and your crew all work really hard in your everyday lives. Sometimes, you just need to take a vacation day — and who better to spend it with than your best group of friends? Coordinate a special day once every couple years so you can all relax at the beach, sip lemonade, and completely forget about your planner for the day.

An Instagrammable Tour Of NYC
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In my personal opinion, there are few cities as Instagrammable as New York City, especially because it's often home to pop-ups and installations. Even if you and your friends don't live close to NYC, it's definitely worth a trip.

You can take pics in front of the rainbow wall at Flour Shop, the gorgeous archway at the NoMo SoHo, and so many more. Your Instagram followers definitely won't be disappointed.

A Wedding That All Of You Are Bridesmaids In
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At least one of your closest friends may tie the knot when you're all in your 20s (You might get married, too!), and it's pretty much a given that all of you will be in the wedding party. The first one will be extremely special and emotional, of course, but you and your crew will never miss a chance to celebrate each other. You're bound to have an amazing time at every single wedding.

A Full Friendsgiving Spread

Your 20s isn't complete until you and your crew host a Friendsgiving together. Make a deal with your friends to plan this party before you all head home for Thanksgiving. You can cook potluck style, savor a glass of wine or two, and enjoy each others' company while getting in the holiday mood.

A Magical Disney Vacation
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In my opinion, every friend group absolutely needs to plan a trip to Disney. After all, it is the most magical place on Earth, and you and your crew deserve a vacay that's going to make you nostalgic and happy.

You can all put on different Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears, and snap pics with every character you run into. Disney is definitely the perfect place to make some beautiful Instagram memories with your crew.