7 Hygge Accessories Under $30 To Make Your Space Extra Cozy This Winter

by Julia Guerra
Hygge Life/Etsy

Do you ever wonder why we actually try to be more self-loving and attentive around the New Year? Sure, it could be because resolutions are generally encouraged, but maybe it’s really because it’s the middle of winter and the only way to not freeze to death is to take hot baths, sip cocoa, and peck on a plate full of warm, buttery carbs? For Scandinavians, coziness and contentment isn’t seasonal, it’s a full-blown lifestyle called hygge and you can incorporate the warm and fuzzy feels year-round by investing in cheap hygge accessories under $30 because self-love don’t cost a thing, but home décor does, and you want to make yours as comfortable and cost-effective as possible.

If you're not up to speed on what hygge is, exactly, allow me to clarify. Hygge is home decor meets fashion statement meets full-fledged lifestyle whose center focus is contentment. In the U.S., it's been adopted as a kind of cozy aesthetic to strive for in the winter when all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch, watch Netflix, and chill until the beginning of April. In Scandinavian culture, it's more of a mindset that's encouraged year-round, in hopes that people who practice hygge are happy being their true selves, finding joy in the simple things life has to offer.

It sounds lovely, and the culture's picturesque aesthetic has attracted attention across social media, inspiring other cultures to adopt the lifestyle in their own accord. Your hygge doesn't have to be Pinterest-perfect from the start, though. Begin by investing in pieces that add a little more homeyness and calm to your space with the following affordable accessories.

Candles That Smell Like Decadent Sweets

SimplyMadeCandles Glazed Donut Soy Candle, $22 Etsy

What I personally adore about the hygge lifestyle is the utmost appreciation of baked goods. Comfort food is everything and the Scandinavians are here to tell you you don't have to be afraid of carbs, my friends. The fluffier and denser the better, amirite?

But, if 2018 resolutions have you eating in moderation, that's cool too. You can still reap all the delicious satisfaction baked goods have to offer by investing in candles that fill your humble abode with the sweet aroma of fresh-out-of-the-oven delicacies. Glazed donut, anyone?

An Incredibly Soft Blanket To Snuggle Under

Xhilaration Cream Long Faux Fur Throw, $16, Target

Whether it's 90 degrees outside or double-digits below freezing, hygge focuses on comfort, and what's more cozy than an oversized blanket made entirely of faux-fur?

Snuggle under Xhilaration's cream-colored throw with a large mug filled to the brim of piping hot cocoa to coat yourself with stellar warmth when the weather gets unbearably cold. The best part about blankets? You used them year-round, so consider this a staple piece (hardly a splurge under $20!).

A Simple, Speckled Mug To Sip From
Hygge Life

The Hygge Mug, $28 Hygge Life

Hygge is as much of an emotion as it is a color palette. Creamy hues, stark white shades, and earthy tones set the mood for a soothing aesthetic around your space, so add these accents in every room from the living area to kitchen cabinets. I really love these mugs from Hygge Life because not only do they meet protocol, they'll go with every kind of place setting.

A Hanging Plant Display

SASHUdecorbureau Succulent Hanging Planter, $15, Etsy

Greenery is a beautiful addition to any home. In addition to bringing nature into the home, plants were also proven to emit major mental health benefits onto their caretakers. Hygge culture is in favor of accenting your space with simple flowers and shrubbery, but if you're not much of a gardener, no worries; succulents count, too.

Succulents require very little upkeep, so their more like decorations than they are full on responsibility. Hanging planters, like SASHUdecorbureau's model fancy the shrubs up a little, and look darling in kitchen windows and bedroom corners.

Pretty Little Light Fixtures
Urban Outfitters

Photo Clip Galaxy String Lights, $20 Urban Outfitters

Galaxy lights aren't just bedroom decor. They've taken off in the home space, and really set the mood by keeping brightness on the down low through the evening hours. This set from Urban Outfitters even come with photo clips if you're into collaging.

A Humidifier To Create Moisture In The Air

MistMate Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $30, Honeywell

Eventually, wintertime takes its toll on all of us health-wise, with cold and flu season at its prime. One of the keys to staying comfortable is to feel healthy, and a humidifier is definitely one investment you'll want to make to sustain the good vibes all season long.

Honeywell meets hygge criteria because not only will it moisten the air and keep your skin and nose from drying out, it's design is so simplistic, not clunky like other models, that it won't stick out like a sore thumb in your living room.

A Fancy Coffee Maker For Much-Needed Breaks
Sterling Pro

Sterling Pro French Press Coffee & Tea Maker, $24, Amazon

Another awesome hygge detail is the culture is huge on breaks. My husband used to go to Sweden on business trips, and said FIKA was his favorite part of the day - i.e. the hour-long breaks Scandinavians take throughout the day to sip on coffee and collect themselves mentally. This is a break in addition to their lunch, by the way. Clearly Americans are doing it all wrong.