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These Halloween Sangria Recipes Are Bloody Tasty & Easy To Make

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With Halloween almost here, wine not take the time to brew up some festive drinks? Instead of serving a traditional punch to sip with your roomies, check out these Halloween sangria recipes on YouTube if you're 21 or up. It is the Hallo-wine season after all. With some fresh fruit and a few bottles, you could have a spooktacular drink in just about no time.

Sangria is that easy to make. You just need to know the right combo to get the best flavors. For the most Insta-worthy presentation, mix together a witch's brew sangria in a spooky cauldron serving bowl. Add in some dry ice (with care) for a picture-perfect bubbling brew. If you'd rather serve up a sangria you can enjoy all October long, go for a caramel apple recipe. It'll remind you of trips to your favorite local farm for apple picking and pumpkin patches. There's also a vampire sangria that's bloody good and raises the stakes.

However, whichever of these seven sangria recipes you choose, make sure to have some festive wine glasses to sip from and pose with. You'll be totally prepared for all the cute sippin' selfies and cheers-ing with your witches that's to come.

This Vampire Sangria Has A Bite To It

This vampire sangria is a flavorful choice for celebrating Halloween. It's made with red wine to give it a blood-like color, but it also has ginger-infused simple syrup for an extra bite. Have some vampire lips straws ($15, on hand that are so Insta-worthy.

This Black Sangria Gives Off A Sinister Vibe

If you're feeling dark and #moody on Halloween, consider serving up this black sangria. The ingredients include dark fruits such as black grapes, black plums, and blackberries to give it that ominous color. Serve this tasty concoction in bat wine glasses ($10, for fangtastic fun.

This Caramel Apple Sangria Is The Ultimate Fall Sip

You'll be craving this caramel apple sangria all season long. This sip is perfect for anyone who dug around their trick-or-treat haul for caramel apple lollipops back in the day, because the flavors will make you so nostalgic. If you're more of a white wine lover, you'll appreciate that this recipe calls for a pinot grigio.

This Zombie Sangria Is Bloody Good

What sets this spooky zombie sangria recipe apart from the rest is the zombie ice cube hands that are made with gloves. If you want, you can even use a silicone mold ($11, to make a brain ice cube.

This Witch's Brew Sangria Is For Your Whole Coven

It's time to sip, sip, hooray, witches. Save the sweet sangrias for the good witches on Halloween, because this recipe uses tart cherry juice to give it more of a bitter taste. After all, Halloween can be all about celebrating your fave villains.

This Halloween Sangria Has An Added Treat

If you miss the days of going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, no worries. Halloween sangria is a fun treat you can enjoy if you're 21 or up. This festive recipe is the cutest of the bunch with a few added gummy worm garnishes at the end, so you'll get your Halloween candy after all.

This Dead And Berried Sangria Is Berry Sweet

For a berry sweet sangria, check out this "dead and berried" recipe. It includes berry juice, frozen mixed berries, blackberry syrup, a sweet red moscato, and an apple, lemon, and orange. You also have the option to add in your fave liquor, like a tequila. Mixed all together, you'll get this punny sangria that's just as delicious as a bag of Halloween candy.

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