7 Romantic Dates You & Your Bae Can Do Right On Campus Without Spending A Cent

Dating in college can honestly be super fun. If you go to the same school as your partner, there's so much you can do together on campus — even if it doesn't seem like the most romantic spot on the planet. It can be hard to plan nice dates with each other when you're both broke students, though, so here are some creative ideas for free dates for college students.

When it comes to finding free events and romantic spots, the best person to ask about anything that might be happening on campus is your RA. Believe it or not, your RA is not simply out to write alcohol violation slips or to monitor noise. Most RAs are required to inform and encourage students to attend on-campus events. (And hey, a lot of these events also involve free food which is the best.)

Picking a place on campus for a first date can also be exciting because as you get to know a person, it can be comforting for both of you to be in a familiar place. If you're worried about the date feeling boring or more like a friendly hangout, check out the following tips to have a romantic date with your special someone without spending any money.

Museum On Campus

Numerous colleges and universities have gorgeously developed museums on campus that are free for students. Plan a date with your sweetheart that involves touring the on-campus art museum. If your school doesn't have a museum, tour the fine arts department to view student work on display.

Rock Climbing

Out in the real world, rock climbing is super expensive. However, tons of campuses have rock walls available to students for free. If you're not belay certified, you can sign up for a class together, or there are usually people working in the gym as belay staff to help you out during your climb. It can become a regular thing you do together for some exercise and honestly, it's pretty hot to see your partner flex their muscles.

Movie Screenings

Odds are your campus has a free movie night somewhere on campus. When the weather is nice, there could even be a movie screening outdoors. This is a great chance to bring a blanket and roll it out among other students enjoying a night of entertainment.


One of the best things about college is all of the weird clubs that you can join. It is highly likely that your campus has at least a couple clubs related to a specific kind of dancing, like swing dancing, salsa dancing, or ballroom dancing. Never danced before? Not a problem. There's usually an instructor on hand to teach the steps. Most clubs have weekly meetings and monthly carpools to go regional dance meet-ups in a neighboring town.

'Chopped,' Dining Hall-Style

If you live in the dorms with a meal-plan, try a fun game of Chopped on campus by putting your meal swipes together to buy various ingredients. Once you've bought everything use your dorm's communal kitchen to make dinner together!

Sometimes dorm life can really get to your head when it comes to wanting to make a meal and feel at home. This game-styled date can be fun way to explore your campus, get creative, and share a meal together with your sweetheart.


Not every campus has a planetarium but if your campus does, it makes for a great date night. Not only is it dark and quiet, it's the perfect place to sit next to each other and look up at the stars. If your campus doesn't have a planetarium, take your night outside. Take advantage of your campus's green space, lay out a blanket in a place that's not polluted by light, and see if you can catch a glimpse of the stars.

Racquet Ball & Other Odd Sports

OK — hear me out. Most universities have recreation centers with equipment you can rent. One great and funny idea for a date is checking out racquet ball gear and trying it out with your date. This probably wouldn't work super well with a first date, but it could be a goofy way to spend some time together with a partner. If your school doesn't have this very specific gear, they likely have intramural sports or one-time games like dodgeball that you could sign up for together.

When it comes down to it, if you're with the right person it really won't matter what you do for a date on campus. Spending time together and making the most of it is really what counts. And they are certainly memories you'll have for a long time.

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