7 Fourth Of July Traditions To Start With Your Partner Now & Continue Forever

On the Fourth of July, the entire day you anticipate seeing those sparks soar in the sky and the people you get to enjoy them with. For you, your favorite spark is the one you have with your bae. If things are getting serious — or already are — you aren't a fool to think about Fourth of July traditions to start with your partner that'll only get better each year.

Think back to the first Fourth of July you spent with your SO. Maybe you were nervous or couldn't get the butterflies in your stomach to calm down. You still have those butterflies, but you've grown to be so open and carefree with your SO these days. And I mean, the Fourth of July is about celebrating the red, white, and blue, so you might as well get creative with bae.

You never know, these traditions may not only involve just the two of you someday, if you catch my drift. Your boo is also your favorite turn-up partner, and any plans made with them always end up being more fun than you originally intended. You can adjust these to align better with you and your other half, but these seven traditions are a decent start for your festive fun.

Tag Team The Grill

Is it even Fourth of July if you can't smell the delicious aromas coming from the grill? You and your partner can prep your favorite grill goods the night before, and embrace the chillin' and grillin' vibes. Feel free to invite other friends over as well for a backyard picnic. There's no such thing as having too many delights cooking on the grill.

Coordinate Patriotic Outfits

TBH, lounging around in matching Fourth of July onesies is ideal, but there are plenty of other options you can put together as well. You also can't forget the red, white, and blue bandanas and shades. It might be a bit basic, but it's going to look super cute on your 'Gram — and you know it.

Take Countless Pics Of Those Outfits

If you had adorable outfits with bae and didn't snap any pictures, did it even happen? You'll want to scrapbook these amazing outfits each year, because they are only going to get better. They can be as silly as you want, and if you have a fur baby, let them join in on the fun, too.

Pucker Up For A Dreamy Kiss Underneath The Fireworks

Fireworks are super romantic. Maybe it has something to do with each sparkle looking like a shooting star. You and your partner sharing a kiss underneath the fireworks will be so sweet. And while those sparks in the sky won't last forever, you're convinced the one between you two will. You also can't deny that the set-up is like a scene straight out of a 90s romantic comedy.

Whip Out Those Sparklers

I don't care how old you get, sparklers are one of the biggest highlights of the Fourth of July. There's something so magical about them. You and your partner can stock up on these and have a field day with them. It's almost like when you were kids, except you don't have to worry about your parents telling you to share with your siblings.

Let Freedom Ring Throughout Your Place With The Most Patriotic Songs You Can Find

I mean, is there any better opportunity to blast "Party in the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus, while dancing around in a patriotic onesie? I think not, so you and bae better sing like no one's listening, and dance like no one's watching.

Enjoy A Red, White, And Blue Dessert Or Drink Together
Taylor Kampa/Stocksy

Bring on the food coloring and festive drinks. Food and drinks are so much better when they have a theme that incorporates festive colors. You and your SO can make red, white, and blue desserts, or go out and find yourselves a Fourth of July cocktail.

Fourth of July is a bit different when you're spending it with your other half. Together, you can make it a day all about the spark you two share.