7 Fitness Gifts That Give Back & Make The World A Better Place For All Of Us

With Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner, you might suddenly feel bombarded with an array of fitness-related gift guides, all suggesting the perfect presents for your gym rat of a BFF. And while I don't doubt that all of those suggestions will please any exercise enthusiast, there may be a tiny voice in the back of your head that really wants you to go the extra mile this year. But if you're stumped on how to give your gift some unique flare, browsing through some fitness gifts that give back might just give you exactly the inspiration you need.

Sure, it's easy to just pick up a fancy pair of headphones, or a high-tech water bottle for the fitness fanatics on your list of holiday giftees. But adding a special touch of thoughtfulness by gifting your bestie something that will both support her most challenging sweat sesh and have a deeper charitable meaning, you can make your present that much more unique and truly amazing.

Plus, it is the season of giving, after all, so giving back to the community and making the world a better place is the best way to truly spread holiday cheer and embody the spirit of the season.

If you want to make a big impact this year during your holiday shopping, here are seven fitness gifts that give back in the best possible ways.

A Tank Top That Fights Sex Trafficking
My Sister

It's My Body It's My Choice White Tank, $34, MY SISTER

MY SISTER's main mission is to educate people about, and put an end to sex trafficking. By purchasing this badass muscle tank, you're helping to support an organization that provides positive opportunities for survivors of sexual exploitation and that generally empowers women everywhere.

The tank says "my body, my choice," and your fit BFF will adore sporting it everywhere, from the pilates studio, to yoga, to her cycling class, and everywhere in between.

A Water Bottle That Funds AIDS Research

(PRODUCT)RED, $35, S'well

S'well water bottles are a fitness staple nowadays, and they're taking your gifting game to the next level this holiday season with their most recent collaboration with (RED).

With each purchase, you'll not only be helping an exercise enthusiast stay hydrated AF, but S’well will also contribute 20 percent of the proceeds toward (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

Moreover, 100 percent of the contributions then go to HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, focusing on countries with a higher transmission of HIV from mother to child. Now that's what I'm talkin' about, people.

Leggings That Provide Meals For Hungry Children
Givida Activewear

Give Performance Leggings, $40, Givida Activewear

There's nothing like a killer pair of leggings to motivate just about anyone to get their booty into the gym. But these bad boys aren't just classy and comfy as hell. Adding them to your holiday shopping list will provide 16 life-saving supplement meals to a malnourished child.

This philanthropic company partners with Action Against Hunger to feed children in Guatemala, Kenya, and Uganda. Your BFF will feel the kindness and compassion in each and every stride she takes.

A Fanny Pack That Supports Nonprofits

Bataan 3L Fanny Pack - Del Día, $30, Cotopaxi

Whether they like the accessory or not, every runner thrives on fanny packs. But TBH, most of them are high-key ugly AF and totally meaningless.

Cotopaxi is here to change the fanny pack game with vibrant and stylish products perfect for anyone who loves to pound the pavement. Each purchase will give grants to deserving, hard-working nonprofits overseas that have demonstrated success and continuously make an impact.

A Headband That Donates To Childhood Cancer Charities
Headbands of Hope

Wanderlust Tube Turban, $17, Headbands of Hope

From relaxing downward dogs to intense HIIT circuits, long hair is almost always getting in the way. Giving your friend a stylish and colorful headband will make her face light up, especially once she finds out the charity it donates to.

For each headband sold, Headbands of Hope gives a headband to a child with cancer to help them look as stylish as your giftee. Plus, they have weeks where you can nominate a childhood cancer charity of your choice, and they'll donate 10 percent of all their proceeds to that organization.

A Tote That Invests In School Meals

Cultivate Kindness Tote, $35, FEED

Having a tote to transport all her gear from the office to the gym is pretty much essential for every woman on that workout grind.

FEED makes stylish totes that provide school lunches to children in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, El Salvador, and Peru. Plus, with "cultivate kindness" printed across this tote, your giftee is sure to spread cheer all year round with such a positive message accompanying her everywhere she goes.

Socks That Help The Homeless

Women's Originals Ankle 4-Pack, $45, Bombas

Socks might seem like the most boring gift in the world at first, but workout enthusiasts can never have enough, and these bad boys make such a big difference in the world.

For every pair of colorful socks you purchase, Bombas donates a pair to the homeless and other at-risk communities. This comfy and supportive gift will literally rock your BFF's socks off.