7 Random Favors Only A True Best Friend Would Never Question & Just Do

by Kristin Corpuz

There's no one better than a BFF. They are always there for you no matter what, and there's never a doubt in your mind that they have your back when you need them (and even when you don't). They do a ton of big things for you, like helping you move apartments or comforting you after a breakup, but they're also there for a lot of the little things as well. There are a ton of favors your best friend does for you, oftentimes without you even realizing that they're doing it.

Best friends have their own secret language that no one else understands, and these small favors often fall into that covert communication. Who else can silently signal that you have parsley stuck in your teeth or that your bra strap is peeking out? BFFs have a way of showing you that they care, even when they're being annoying. (One of my best friends constantly talks to me in a baby voice even though she knows I want to roll my eyes, but she'll tell me she loves me the whole time.)

If this sounds like you and your best friend, you probably do a bunch of little things for each other, too. Here are just some of my favorite little things that my BFFs and I do for each other.

They Check Your Teeth For Lipstick Or Food

You know a friend is a true BFF if they (subtly) let you know that you have something on or in your teeth, whether it's lipstick or food. If you're close enough, you probably have a secret hand signal or something to give a heads up. And if your BFF lets you continue talking to someone else while you have lipstick on your teeth, let's be real: They're not a true BFF.

They Tuck Your Tag Back Into Your Top When It Pops Out

I'll admit that I do this to strangers when I'm behind them in line (I ask permission first, of course), but a BFF will do this the second they see that your tag is peeking out. Although it's the tiniest favor, it's just a little reminder that they're always looking out for you, and they want to make sure your outfit is always on point.

They Play With Your Hair So You Can Relax

There are few things I love more than when someone plays with my hair. (I think any girl who had to go through dance class with a bun can feel me on this.)

My BFFs will always play with my hair when I ask, because they know how much it relaxes me and makes me happy. I will say, I'm definitely prone to taking advantage of my friends' generosity, and I always ask them to keep going even after they're tired. (But they know I'll always return the favor later.)

They Let You Have Things Mailed To Their Place

This might be a weird one, but it has come in handy more often than you'd think. I move around and travel a lot, and because of that, it's hard to get things mailed to my place. (I don't want a package sitting outside my front door until I get back!) My best friend — bless her, really — lets me list her apartment as my mailing address so that I can continue to receive mail and packages whenever I need them.

They Let You Come Over Whenever You Need To

Need a place to crash? In the neighborhood between meetings? Your BFF's door is always open when you need it. (Let's be real, you probably already have the keys to each other's places.) They're totally open to you eating their snacks and drinking their wine, because they know that they also have free reign of your apartment, too.

They Always Keep Your Favorite Drink In Stock

Whether it's coffee, tea, wine, or something a little bit harder, your BFF always keeps your favorite drink in stock for you. It's a little thing that lets you know that you're always welcome in their home.

They Check You Out To Make Sure You're Good To Go

Trying to avoid a panty line? Need to make sure your "girls" are all "scooped up" properly? You can always ask your best friend to check you out and make sure you look awesome to head out the door. Let's be honest: Your bestie has no boundary issues when it comes to making sure everything is in place, and you love them for it.