Even A Birthdayzilla Would Approve Of These Extra AF Birthday Cakes

On your birthday, you want to have your cake and eat it, too — quite literally. The dream of having an extravagant birthday cake on your special day begins when you're a kid and lasts forever. But now, having an extra birthday cake isn't so you're the coolest kid on the playground, but because your Instagram followers are eagerly waiting for the bougie pics you'll post.

What exactly does "extra" mean? If you have to ask, you're probably content with the classic "Happy Birthday [enter name here]" cake filled with your favorite ice cream. Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

"Extra" doesn't only mean the cake is coated in more frosting and sprinkles than usual, either. This kind of cake brings on all of the tricks you didn't even think were possible in a cake. I'm talking about unforgettable themes, a self-portrait made from fondant, and so many colors you have no choice but to taste the rainbow.

It might be difficult to come up with an idea on your own if you aren't pressed on having a birthday cake that holds a record for making a grocery store chain run out of edible confetti. People are that serious about their cake. If you don't believe me, feast your eyes on these epic birthday cakes that are jaw-dropping.

A 'Beauty And The Beast' Enchanted Rose Cake
MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube

Since we're talking about being extra, you know Disney had to make the cut. Not only is this birthday cake gorgeous and detailed AF, but it doesn't even look real. For a person who's in love with their birthday and Disney, this cake will give them all the feels on their special day.

A Magical 'Harry Potter' Cake
Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs on YouTube

Don't you want to just reach out, turn the page, and find the instructions for making this dope cake? As a Harry Potter fan myself, I must say I would likely faint if I was presented with this gem for my birthday. The design makes you feel like you just stepped into a Hogwarts classroom. How in the world is this elaborate masterpiece a cake?

A Makeup Birthday Cake
Cakes StepByStep on YouTube

Imagine if you could empty your makeup bag right now and each item turned into a sweet, edible treat? That is the exact scenario this makeup-inspired cake provides. Not only is this serious Snapchat material, but if you love makeup, it's a match made in heaven. How many people can say they've eaten cake this pretty?

A Delicious Donut Drip Cake
MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube

This is a genius way to add even more sweets to your cake. Of course, you know millennial pink had to make an appearance on this list, too. It's a delicious collab you wouldn't think about sleeping on. It's like a leaning tower of donuts held up by dreamy cake. If this isn't extra, then I really don't know what is.

A Burger And Fries Cake
CupcakeJemma on YouTube

When a burger and fries is requested in birthday cake form, you know something epic is bound to be the result. Food that mimics other food is obviously a fan favorite when it comes to extraordinary birthday cakes. Is it too late to add a milkshake to the order?

A 'Willy Wonka' Illusion Cake
MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube

Just when you wanted a golden ticket so you could try Gobstoppers, someone creates a masterpieces like this. Kids and adults alike would enjoy the heck out of this birthday cake. Who knew Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory could be brought right to your table? No more FOMO. Oh, and as far as that vibrant rainbow on the inside of the cake is concerned, the 'Gram is calling.

A Ramen Cake
Cakes StepByStep on YouTube

This ramen cake will make anyone question gravity. It's confusing because now you want ramen, but you also want to try how deliciously sweet this cake is. This cake is treading in birthdayzilla territory for sure, because a professional birthday connoisseur would definitely ask for this.

No one's cake shaming, but these baked beauties are any foodie's dream come true. Birthday or not, you know you'd take a bite out them.