This Chips Ahoy-Flavored Hot Chocolate Is Here To Be Your Favorite Winter Sip

Courtesy Of 7-Eleven

Just like peanut butter and chocolate, wine and cheese, or chips and dip, very few combinations out there are more delectable than a couple of warm, crunchy chocolate chip cookies with a steaming mug of hot chocolate (yum!). And if you agree, you'd probably be happy to hear that 7-Eleven's Chips Ahoy Hot Chocolate is finally here, and it tastes like a divine combination of cookies and hot cocoa. Aside from the fact it's reminiscent of your freakin' childhood (I mean, it's Chips Ahoy! we're talking about), it'll totally keep you warm during this brutally cold winter season.

Stop what you're doing right this second: 7-Eleven just released the #throwback drink of my dreams, and apparently, it tastes just like fresh-baked cookies that grandma baked specially for you. That's right — the beloved convenience store is currently offering their most exclusive treat yet, Chips Ahoy Hot Chocolate. According to the press release, though, you'll want to make sure you get your choco-lovin' behind to 7-Eleven as soon as humanly possible, because this scrumptious sip won't be around for very long. In fact, you will only be able to get your hands on it while supplies lasts, which — considering the fact I'll probably drink it all myself — means it most likely won't be around for very long. So definitely make your way there ASAP — I'm counting on you.

Courtesy Of 7-Eleven

Oh, and the beverage's existence isn't even the best part. Also, for a limited time through Feb. 12, according to the press release, you can snag yourself a small cup of Chips Ahoy Hot Chocolate (or any other hot beverage from flavored coffee, to tea, and even regular hot chocolate) for only $1 at participating 7-Eleven stores. So that's a pretty awesome deal, if you ask me.

Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven's Director of Proprietary Beverages said in the press release that the convenience store chain was inspired to create their latest and greatest offering based on the fact that their customers love hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies. Plus, 7-Eleven's hot chocolate drinks apparently do quite well in the wintertime.

In the press release, Barnes said:

Almost everyone loves hot chocolate and hot chocolate chip cookies, and we wanted to bring the two together into one rich, delicious drink. Our flavored hot chocolates are especially popular in the winter months with customers of all ages.

Hot chocolate may be 7-Eleven's specialty at this moment in time, but during the summer, the convenience store's Slurpees are seriously unbeatable. In fact, last August in 2018, they were offering a BOGO deal on the delicious frozen drink, and to be completely honest with each and every one of you, it was my summer fuel.

Surviving the winter can be tough as heck... trust me, I get it. But Chips Ahoy Hot Chocolate is seriously all I want right now. Not only does it taste like warm, gooey cookies, but it totally tastes like a blast from the past. 7-Eleven, you're slaying the game, and between you and me, you've found the key to my cookie-loving heart.