7 Sweet Ideas For A DIY Halloween Gingerbread House Night, Just Because

Building a gingerbread house is a sweet pastime that isn't only privy to Christmas. Besides, what are adults (who can't trick or treat) supposed to do on Halloween? Hosting a DIY Halloween gingerbread house night is the perfect fix to Halloween festivity withdrawals. We need to treat ourselves, and what better way to do that than by building a whole house of sweets and then devouring it?

DIY projects are always rewarding, but imagine if everything you were assembling was edible. I don't think any of us are ready for that glorious situation, but we are here for it. Putting together a cool Halloween gingerbread house will be so much fun with your girl crew, and your sweet tooth will definitely thank you. This project could also you get you out of plans you don't feel like partaking in.

In the meantime, exploring different Halloween themes for your spooky house is right at your fingertips, like most things we need. From decor to supplies, YouTube is the gateway to all of the things you need to know to make your Halloween gingerbread house deliciously dope. Now that you've got a plan in mind, it's time to execute it with some awesome options for a theme.

A Perfect Mix Of Spooky And Yummy
Michaels Stores on YouTube

Michaels just made our lives so much easier. Not only can we stock up on supplies from the store, but they even provide a video on how to build a gingerbread house on YouTube. Get creative with the frosting and make your gingerbread house the spookiest one in town.

Monster Mansion For The Win
Montreal Confections on YouTube

The bigger the house, the more you get to put in your mouth, right? If you're planning to make this DIY gingerbread house building a group effort, then building one of these mansions is a good idea. Everyone can join in and be part of the appetizing result that awaits. Make it a little competition if you want to add more fun to the mix.

A 'Hocus Pocus' House
Haniela's on YouTube

Hocus Pocus can apply to anything for Halloween — even your gingerbread house theme. There are plenty of details from the movie that you can include in your gingerbread house. Just make sure there aren't any black flame candles lying around in your work of art. We all know how that went last time.

Who Said Nightmares Can't Be Sweet?
Koalipops on YouTube

OK, we are definitely mixing themes with this one. How could we not include Jack and the gang in our Halloween fun? The Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing gingerbread theme, because you sort of get to cheat and include candy canes far before it's even time to start scoping out a Christmas tree.

Candy Corn Decor
Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio on YouTube

An entire roof made of candy corn? When can we move in? The skulls along the trim of the roof are super cute, and the idea that this example is partly made of real cake is every foodie's favorite part. Now, this may be an all hands on deck project, but it will certainly result in all stomachs being full as well.

Nothing's Sweeter Than The Addams Family
Haniela's on YouTube

Why does the frosting alone look so delicious in these examples? Hopefully, you can subside those urges to eat frosting by the handful and actually add it to the gingerbread house. You can't get any more Halloween-like with the Addams Family as your muse. They literally walk hand-in-hand.

This Mini Haunted House Is Too Cute
Stephanie Kilgast // PetitPlat on YouTube

Going small with your gingerbread house building is OK, too. This mini house is absolutely adorable, and you won't feel bad about popping the whole thing in your mouth, because it's fun-sized. Also, the smaller it is, the more you can make with the supplies that you've purchased. See how many you and your crew can put together.

Building gingerbread houses this Halloween is a sweet and fun concept to explore this year. Who knows, you may just make the most BOOtiful house the world has ever seen.