7 Cute "I Owe You" Coupon Ideas For Your Special Someone & Empty Wallet This Holiday

The holidays are rolling in, but that doesn't always mean cash is simultaneously flowing steadily. Life happens, and as much as you would love to buy that special someone anything they want if you could, you might have to improvise. Crafting some creative coupons for your boyfriend will prove that you're making the most out of what you can give, in order to show him that he's definitely on your mind this holiday season.

An "I Owe You" is basically your word that you will deliver whatever is written on the coupon. It's almost like saying you are absolutely open to these tasks or duties, because your wallet is pretty much nailed shut for the season. The coupons can be one of your fun DIY projects.

"I Owe You's" are pretty exciting, because your boyfriend gets to cash in these cute little favors whenever he wants, and they won't be a complete surprise to you because you made them. Wrap them up or hide them around his place, because for this gift in particular, the options are almost endless. Try to veer these coupons toward things that he likes to do around the house, or something he enjoys but feels guilty asking you to tag along. Yes, there's room for these to get a little risqué as well. Don't let the lack of funds get you in a slump this holiday season, because bae will enjoy any of these sweet "I Owe You's."

A Massage Coupon

After a long day, a massage is seriously something heaven sent. Touch in general is powerful and intimate between any couple. As much as you'd soothe bae's sore muscles any day, he'll appreciate you giving him this coupon. Step up the luxury and experiment with different oils and candles to set the mood.

A Sports Game Viewing Coupon
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If your boyfriend likes playing sports or watching games, this coupon will promise that you will play or watch them with him. This could also apply to video games as well, if your bae is more of a gamer. It really just depends what your boyfriend is all about. Hopefully, you've brushed up on your sports vernacular.

A Dinner For Two Coupon
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This coupon could be good for a homemade meal at home for the two of you. Whether it's his favorite dish or something new, let him redeem this so he can enjoy a meal with one of his favorite ladies. I mean, you get a delicious meal out of it too, so it's pretty much a win-win.

A Pick Out My Outfit Coupon

Believe it or not, ladies, men definitely notice the clothes we wear. If you've been dating your bae for awhile now, he probably already has a favorite outfit he loves to see you in. It might even be the comfy, cute sweats you wear around the house. Make this a little more scandalous if you want, but letting your boo pick out that blouse he loves to see you in before you guys go out, is pretty hot.

A Weekend Getaway Coupon
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Just because you can't financially give your boyfriend what you'd like now, that doesn't mean you can't make up for it in the future. Is there a small city or town the two of you have been wanting to explore, or have you been longing to go someplace across the country? Let this coupon be his little reminder that when the time is right, you're going to clock in as the best travel buddy ever.

A Drinks On Me Coupon

These drinks could be from essentially anywhere. You could get a round of milkshakes, lattes, or shots. Shoot, you can even buy the ingredients and whip up something delicious at home. Literally, it could even be a cup of lemonade from a kid's lemonade stand. There's no tricky small print for this coupon. Let the sipping begin.

A Complimentary YOLO Coupon

You know how in card games there's always that wild card? Well, this will be his. This IOU coupon can be for practically anything that you have already done or a combo between them all. I'm pretty sure he'll save the best for last, so don't be surprised if a good amount of time has passed and then boom, he hands you this golden ticket.

The holidays are about giving, but oftentimes that gets mistaken for something that solely derives from money. If at the moment all you have is your time and ideas to give, give them. They're priceless.