7 Clever Feminist Halloween Costumes That Encourage You To Embody Your Favorite Heroes


Every year as Halloween approaches, I spend way too much time considering different costume ideas. This year, I narrowed my choices down to an avocado and Frida Kahlo. Now, I love guac as much as the next person, but embodying Frida's powerful energy just feels like the perfect way to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. Plus, I already have all of the clothes and makeup I need to transform into this hero. If you've waited until the last minute to actually decide on what you want to dress up as (just like I did), these clever feminist Halloween costumes are super easy to DIY before the big day.

Not only are these feminist icons easy to embody for Halloween, they're unique, too. Some of these options are pretty outside-the-box, BTW, so you won't be one of five other Rosie the Riveters at your party this year (no shade at all to my girl Rosie, of course).

If you ask me, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up like someone you admire, so whether you choose to embrace Serena Williams' empowering spirit, or the fiery personality of Rizzo from Grease, just own it, girl. All Hallows' Eve is your time to shine.

Dissent all night as RBG on YouTube

Grab your sleekest black top and your finest comb, and you'll be ready to take on the feminist icon that is Ruth Bader Ginsburg in no time. For this costume, the hairstyle, glasses, and signature RBG collar (which you can totally DIY) really make the look, so no need to do any frantic, last-minute shopping.

Feel as fierce as Frida Kahlo
The House That Lars Built on YouTube

Like I said, after much deliberation, I'm officially going to be Frida Kahlo this year for Halloween. From her early defiance of gender stereotypes, to her openness about her sexuality, to her embrace of all things deemed "weird," I love the idea of dressing up like this hero.

Making a flower crown is probably the most involved step to creating a Frida costume, but the rest can easily be done with makeup and some colorful clothing.

Become a literal uterus
Michelle S on YouTube

If you really want to get into the feminist spirit, throw on some bright tights and a leotard, and transform into a literal uterus (and two ovaries — got to be biologically accurate, you know?).

I honestly can't stop laughing at how creative this idea is. Plus, since you'll be dressed in really stretchy clothing, you'll definitely be comfortable all night at your costume party.

Fight for women everywhere as Serena Williams
doshwoods on Twitter

I've always looked up to Serena Williams for not only being one of the world's top athletes, but also for being an outspoken, inspiring feminist, not to mention an incredible mother. Dressing like this icon just requires a tennis outfit (bonus points if you wear the controversial catsuit) and an optional racket.

Embrace your body as Rizzo from 'Grease'
Make It Up With Samantha on YouTube

It's fairly common to see Sandy costumes on Halloween, but you're much less likely to see someone dressed as Rizzo, the Grease star who refused to be shamed for being sexually active, and who had no problem speaking her mind. Plus, part of this costume is a bold lip color, which is always super fun.

Show off your adventurous side as Amelia Earhart
KikoCatt on YouTube

For the history buffs out there, a classic Amelia Earhart costume is the perfect way to celebrate the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. You'll stay plenty warm in a bomber jacket and your coziest scarf in this costume, and you know you've got an old pair of ski goggles at the bottom of your closet to complete the ensemble.

Become a walking conversation starter as the wage gap
Stuff Mom Never Told You - HowStuffWorks on YouTube

If you're ready for a costume that will draw attention to the fact that, on average, women are paid 80 percent of what men make, this is the Halloween costume for you. Simply jazz up some glasses with dollar signs, black out your middle teeth, and keep on advocating for equal pay.