Ho, Ho, Ho, It's Time To Try These 7 Holiday Sex Positions

by Jamie Kravitz

Baby, it's cold outside. So why leave the house at all? Skip the flirty snowball fight and get right to cozying up by the fire. You and your yuletide cutie can celebrate another year on the naughty list by trying these Christmas sex positions. Don't observe Dec. 25? This list also includes Hanukkah sex positions that will get you hotter than a freshly fried latke. Plus, there's multiple ways to ring in the new year that go way beyond a kiss at midnight.

If the Christmas season has you feeling extra frisky, you're not alone. According to a new survey from Trojan Brand Condoms, 60 percent of singles ages 18–24 are likely to have casual sex when home for the holidays. The study also found that for this group, the top three most thrilling things about having sex when home for the holidays include (in order): the fact that there are no strings attached, the idea of doing it in secret, and the opportunity to reunite with an old fling.

Whether you are looking for casual sex, or you want to spice things up in a committed relationship, these seven sex positions are the perfect provocative gift for the ho-ho-holidays.

1. Tied Up With A Bow

If you're feeling playful, try some light bondage. Have your partner cuff your hands above your head (or tie them together with ribbon, if you're really feeling the holiday spirit), and go down on you.

2. Santa's Lap Dance

Don a sexy Santa costume and give your partner a lap dance. While you're grinding on them, whisper all the dirty things you want for Christmas this year. If you're lucky, your partner will give it to you right then and there.

3. The Miracle Of Oil

Hanukkah is all about oil, so why not bring some massage oil into the bedroom? You and your partner can give each other sensual back massages as foreplay. If you do it right, this likely won't last eight minutes — let alone eight days — before you're moving past foreplay and onto the main event.

4. Spin His Dreidel

Let the Hanukkah dreidel inspire your BJ technique. Cosmopolitan's next-level 69 uses dreidel-like movements to please your partner: "Swirl your tongue around the sensitive tip of his penis, then try a twisting motion with your hands up and down his shaft while sucking on the tip." For variety, Cosmo suggests sliding your mouth all the way up and down while moving your head from side to side.

5. Watch The Ball(s)

While you're waiting to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve, give your guy's balls some extra attention. Have him lie on his back, bending one leg. Straddle him sideways and press yourself against his bent leg to stimulate your clit. Use one hand to play with his balls, which will be easily accessible in this position.

6. Stocking Stuffer

Put a festive spin on missionary with this holiday sex position, courtesy of Cosmo. Lie on the edge of the bed, and put your legs straight up in the air. Your partner should push them off to the side, and enter you while standing. The key is to keep your legs together for the sensation of extra tightness.

7. Kinky Countdown

There's nothing like the anticipation of counting down the seconds until midnight, except counting how many orgasms you and your partner can give each other. Use your hands, mouths, and toys until neither of you can come again. That's one way to stay up until midnight.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or you're just into having sex into the new year, these seasonal positions will certainly jingle your bells.

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