A Trainer Reveals The 7 Best Butt Workouts To Try If You Hate Doing Squats

by Georgina Berbari

I am a vehement hater of leg day. To me, there's nothing more torturous than working out my lower body and being sore for 79 years after the fact. And don't even get me started on squats. If satan was a workout, he would be a damn squat. But, alas, I do still want my body to be as balanced and strong as possible, so I suck it up and squeeze in leg day every now and then — with a specific focus on butt workouts that aren't squats.

If you work out on the reg and aim for full-body strength, but have a secret hatred for squats just like me, iFit trainer Becca Cappell says it's still worth your time to look for other, similar workouts you can do to challenge your lower body. "Most women are incredibly quad-dominant, which means that the front of their legs are much stronger than their glutes and hamstrings," she tells Elite Daily. "So even if you don’t want a strong booty, you shouldn’t skip glute day. Working out your behind will really help balance your lower body strength."

Strong glutes, Cappell adds, can also help increase your athletic performance. So whether you’re a runner, swimmer, weightlifter, soccer player, tennis player, or the like, a strong booty is a huge game-changer, fam.

But here's the good news: You and I (and all of the other squat-haters of the world) can breathe a sigh of relief, because squats are not at all required for a strong behind. Here are seven squat-free, equipment-free exercises that are super simple and just as effective for building that lower-body strength.

Lunge Lifts
Becca Cappell

Personally, I think lunges as a whole are such an underrated way of working out. Can we #BringBackTheLunge, please? They're so much better than those damn squats. Plus, as Cappell tells Elite Daily, "lunges are great for working your entire lower body, and the lift [in this exercise] really focuses on the booty." Bless up.

To do these lunge lifts at home, Cappell says, begin by dropping into a low lunge position and lift your rear leg, keeping it mostly straight. Start with 10 reps per side, then build up from there.

Becca Cappell

I won't lie to you, girlfriend: You might feel low-key seductive when you're lying on your side for this workout, but at least you'll have a good laugh, right? And yes, Cappell 100 percent acknowledges how weird this workout might feel for you at first. "While this might win a contest for the most awkward move of all time, it works that outer booty like you wouldn’t imagine," she tells Elite Daily.

During your clamshells, focus on keeping your feet flexed and off the ground, opening your knees as wide as possible. Try 25 clamshells per side to start out with, and only aim for more if your body feels like it can handle the challenge.

Clamshell Taps
Becca Cappell

If you can't get enough of clamshell-ing, try this super simple variation. Cappell recommends starting from the open position, keeping your feet flexed, and straightening your top leg all the way out. Then, click your heels together and repeat.

Again, start with those 25 reps per side to really challenge your booty and feel the burn.

Side Leg Circles
Becca Cappell

Side leg circles may look simple from afar, but these bad boys are yet another booty-burner that'll give you a serious run for your money. "With your non-supporting leg, draw big circles clockwise and counterclockwise," Cappell instructs. "Keep it slow and controlled [the entire time]".

Try 20 circles in each direction on each side, only going for more if it feels like you can.

Bridge Circles
Becca Cappell

If you've ever tried incorporating standard hip bridges into your lower-body workouts, then I should warn you, these babies are a step up in terms of difficulty. "This is a more advanced version of the classic hip bridge, so start there if you’re not quite up for this challenging movement pattern," Cappell tells Elite Daily.

When doing these bridge circles, be sure to keep your hips high, and draw large circles with your non-supporting leg. Try 10 circles in each direction with each leg — you've got this, girl.

Donkey Kicks
Becca Cappell

On the real, donkey kicks are definitely my favorite butt workout, if I had to choose. I may or may not pretend that I'm kicking some dude I hate in the balls, but you can pretend I didn't say that.

Anyway, to try these kicks yourself, start on all fours with your shoulders stacked over your wrists. Cappell recommends placing a light dumbbell at the back of your knee, but if you don't have one, that's totally cool. "Flex your foot, and stamp the ceiling with the sole of your foot," Cappell says. "Try to keep your hips as level as possible, and keep your gaze just in front of your fingertips to not strain your neck."

Try 20 reps per side to start with, and see where that takes you.

Becca Cappell

Lastly, get down and dirty and pretend you're the greenest of grasshoppers. Cappell tells Elite Daily that grasshoppers are a great way to work your booty, and that you can incorporate a light weight between your feet, if you have one lying around.

Begin by lying on your stomach, and bend your knees to 90 degrees. "Keep your knees wide, flex your feet, and lift your quads off the ground as high as you can, squeezing those glutes," Cappell instructs.

Try 20 reps to start, and tack on more if you're feelin' ambitious.