Sip & Cheers To These Cali Wineries That Are Perfect For Your BFF's Bachelorette

Ever since you and your bestie hit that 21-year-old milestone, wine has frequented your inner circle. Any girls' night or exciting accomplishment has been the green light to pop a bottle and celebrate. Now, your girl is getting married — and "celebrate" hardly describes the hoorays you want to shower her in. Hitting up a winery with your bestie and the bride tribe is so ideal, because you can sip back, relax, and have fun with your main girl. If you're on the West Coast, you may want to know the best wineries to visit in California, because wine and sunshine plus your bestie is the best package deal ever.

Whether you're a loyal rosé drinker or experiment with reds, hosting a bachelorette party at a winery will give every lady an equally fun experience. Besides, your girl is going to be walking around in the cutest outfit topped with a mock veil. If that doesn't automatically summon good times, then life is once again a huge mystery.

Since there isn't one way to be a passionate wino, you'll have to choose one place with several appealing qualities for this important part of your bestie's life. With each sip, she'll be inching closer and closer to being a wifey. Make each yummy glass count, and hook her up with the bubbles at any of these Cali wineries.

Newport Beach Vineyards And Winery
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Head on over to Orange County, California and immerse yourself in a gorgeous property and fine sips at Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery. Keep in mind that you can't just pop in here and cross your fingers for a tour and tasting. You'll have to make reservations beforehand at this private estate, and it's certainly worth it.

Expect tailored TLC when you plan ahead and book your girl's special bride tribe occasion. Oh, and don't miss out on the many photo opportunities at this stunning place.

Bernardo Winery
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Located not too far from downtown San Diego, Bernardo Winery is a great match for your bestie if she's all about those rustic vibes. There's so much history at this winery, in addition to a quaint town of shops for you ladies to explore before or after sipping. The property highlights many fruit trees, but you won't need anything else to make this time much sweeter.

Matanzas Creek Winery
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Nestled away in Sonoma County, Matanzas Creek Winery is the dose of classy you need for your bride-to-be's special celebration. I mean, it's Sonoma County we're talking about here, so the wine is already destined to be superb.

Sit back and take in the picturesque lavender fields, a view of the mountain ranges, and enjoy a glass or two. Lavender is so relaxing and snapping a few pics of your girl posing by the fields is going to be so Instagram-worthy. For all of my flower children and winos out there — this destination is calling your name.

Oak Mountain Winery
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Does your bride-to-be have a fur baby? The Oak Mountain Winery allows leashed dogs! Yes, this winery may take the cake if your bestie wants to invite her furry friend along to celebrate. Her pup can be in the tasting room, but not in the wine caves. Temecula Valley Wine Country knows the way to so many of our hearts — dogs and wine!

Navarro Vineyards And Winery
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Navarro Vineyards sits in Anderson Valley. Definitely schedule a tour so that you can get the most out of the property. Spring might be an ideal time to plan your festivities, since more plants will have bloomed, and sitting out at the picnic tables will feel so good soaking up that sunshine.

Château Montelena Winery
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When you think of Napa, wine is probably one of the first things that comes to mind — and for good reason. Château Montelena Winery has one of the most enchanting stone castle layouts of all time that'll have the bride and her tribe swooning. Look out at the Chinese garden with your girls, and make sure the bride-to-be feels like the true princess she is. They've got that castle part covered.

Babcock Winery And Vineyards
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Oh, Santa Barbara County. You can't beat the amazing weather that blesses this place, and now you and the bride tribe will be holding glasses of wine while you enjoy it. Book your group for the Soulstruck Lounge at Babcock and send your bride souring into the roaring times of rock 'n roll. This place is beyond perfect, and you ladies need to experience it for yourselves.

Sure, wine is an amazing way to commemorate your girl, but you'd do it with or without a glass. She deserves all of the happiness in the world, and you'll always cheers to that.